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    Shimomura Interviewed in Nintendo Power - Talks Kingdom Hearts Music

    I'm guessing it was the like the Dearly Beloved Reprises at the end of the games. It's just the descending keys C, G, F and so on playing only treble (top half) and no bass underneath. Just a guess. I'd recommend getting the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection sheet music if you wish to play songs...
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    Kingdom Hearts Remastered Speculation

    With Kingdom Hearts nearly turning 10 years old on September 2012, what great things can Square deliver fans? With Kingdom Hearts 3D coming soon and possibly BBS vol 2 afterwards, KH3 seems in the far distance. So, what could Square do for fans? Well, I think SE will announce KH 1 and possibly 2...
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    Are you getting BBS day one?

    :D yes...definitely. Pre-ordered in on Amazon
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    New Re:coded footage

    So i found this on nintendoeverything.com Nintendo Everything – Our second language is Nintendo++ Blog Archive First direct-feed footage of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
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    10 more days

    It is now December 30, 7:13a.m in Japan. If you must know, Birth by Sleep will be released in 10 more days in Japan. Starting Tomorrow, it will be 10 days for the states. However, I see it as more. Not only will BBS be released, but I, for a speculative example, think that Nomura will announce...
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    BBS timeline is okay! + Alice´s PoH Ideas

    Ok i'd like to point out something. Maleficient held some PoH of 9 years!!! that's not very Disney like to kidnap people and hold them hostage for so long. There's got to be a reason why she had them for 9 YEARS PEOPLE.
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    The 10 Year Gap?

    Ok i'm just going to say this and put it out there and i'm sorry if there has already been a thread about this. Ehmm *Little Spoilers* In the first kingdom hearts, Leon and other Final Fantasy people moved to Traverse Town because their world, Radiant Garden, had been taken by the...
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    Replaying KH

    just beat it last week lvl 62 beat sephiroth on normal
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    I'm rebuying this game but need a decison

    staff and get rid of sword i beat sephiroth at lvl 62
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    Square Enix at E3. Could this mean something big for 358/2

    I don't think they announced BBS for the United States yet. So thats what we will do, hopefully, but they might show trailers that are old to us that keep track of this stuff and new to the outsider people
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    Square Enix at E3. Could this mean something big for 358/2

    True, but i doubt they would announce it to the US........wait a minute that would be perfect!
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    Square Enix at E3. Could this mean something big for 358/2

    It's confirmed Square-Enix, Inc. will have a booth and meeting room at E3 in June. Since 358/2 Days comes out in May in Japan is there a chance something special might happen *coughs DEMO* well maybe or maybe not. It's not likely to happen but "HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN" Link to E3 Exhibitors List...
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    Let me make this clear!! KH3

    People please stop the threads of KH3. Yes i know its fun to dream but honestly, there has been no info, screenshots, any mention of KH3 at all. People you are getting ahead of ourselves. Please focus on the games closer to us now more than ever before. Now i'm not saying there will be a...
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    riku's dark armor

    regarding the brown cloak thing, it was a pre-organization thing i'm sure if they had already planed the organization than i think he would have had one of theirs.
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    riku's dark armor

    ................good point we shall have to wait and see keykingz13
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    Sora fight in BBS?

    .................Wow Trimms, your right. Anyway back on topic. No, i don't think this is needed if you have played FM+. if you haven't than most definitely.
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    Sora fight in BBS?

    .......................................no need for it
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    The Prince, and Lightning Guest Appearance

    I no the title is not what you expect for a poll but here it goes Pgerv12 here once again, of course Well people i've moved from basic KH polls and that thought i'd throw in some Square-enix eh You have 3 days to pick which character you would want to appear more in any new KH game. Yes the...
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    Perfectly fine with me like all theories were just going to have to wait and see
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    yes but than there's the namine quote "Surely she can't endure it." Not all of the memories have returned." Than whats left is In Between Also If Unbirths with emblems are the same as heartless than the ones with the emblems are manufactured and the ones without are true Unbirths....but i...