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    The Good Old Days

    I remember, when EVERYONE thought the GEU, DWU, and BHK were all different people..*sigh*
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    KHInsider's "Chat It Up" Kingdom Hearts 2 Launch Party! (Activity #5!)

    You ggguuuuyyyyyyysssss!!!!! You're so gonna jinx it.... Then next thing we all know, it will be pushed back...And I know that wouldent make anyone happy.. so Be CAREFUL!!
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    ending of kh2

    Maybe if we knew what was going on, it might be sad, but as of now it's not..
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    I was watching ASAS, and when it gets to this part; I was thinking, you know the picture from the new PV with BHK holding his head? If you look in the corner of the room there are some tv-looking screens, all bunched up like the ones on the building.. Also, in the TGS trailer, the fight...
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    I guess somewhere around here,(check the threads) BHK said that to Namine..But I myself don't know for sure..
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    Johnny Depp

    Well considering the fact that I'm realllllyyyy not looking forward to a chicken little summon, I could really care less..
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    Johnny Depp

    Well yea, they would kind of HAVE to be impersonated..Or you know, Square could always kidnapp their american cast and say, "You have 2 weeks to learn fluent Japanese, don't screw up....Or else!" Bwaha!
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    Girl in Pink

    Maybe it's like a zip-up-the-front dress and she wears that light colored tank-top thing under it? o_0 And with a hoodie dealy attached to it....
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    Johnny Depp

    It would be kind of weird if it was anyone else..I mean, I'm sure they could find someone who sounded like him, but it just wouldent be the same..
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    Girl in Pink

    Ummm, Kairi's clothes are...ORANGE......And the girl in the trailer, her dress is ORANGE...tsktsk
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    Kingdom Hearts II Delayed!?

    One can only hope..
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    Piano song in trailer

    Link to KHU audio page..
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    Ok!! *hides*
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    Did you not see the thread? Heck, Siru isnt even a Japanese name..
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    It's already been stated that that's not his name.. And of course Kairi could fight, why the heck not?! But her infiltrating the org? sounds unlikely..
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    Sora KH2 CG (Not a Video)

    CG=Computer generated
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    Anybody seen any of these scans?

    I'm a bit curious, has anyone seen these scans? Or am I just way out of the loop here? (it's been awhile since ive done ANY research) Found them on a french PS site. http://www.jeux-france.com/Webmasters/Images/856520050828_211331_0_big.jpg...
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    Girl in Pink

    it 'looks' like kairi's shoes and hair, but in Selphies dress??*is confused*
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    Where in the World is Riku?

    it looks alot more like a shadow than a strand of hair..
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    Do you like the new theme song 4 KHII???

    It's always better in Japanese....ALWAYS!! *runs away*