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  1. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    mission hardest to get 100% complete

    i dont think the dustfiler was that hard... it didnt take very long either. maybe its just me, tho... x3
  2. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    Some of my random drawings...

    Not too sure if anyone even cares, but im gonna be putting some of my drawings here from photobucket. It's kinda late now, so I'll probably do it later... and they're not all KH related. Just a warning. ;3 Hope everyone likes them! Comments are welcome too~ Pic 1: Sama from Undertown (manga)...
  3. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    larxenes possible somebody name?

    hmm... im putting my bets on Pikachu. anyone else?
  4. Axel'sPetPhoenix


    Has anyone else heard of this manga? It has really good artwork and the story is pretty cool, so I was just wondering. Plot: 10-year-old Sama is a shy young boy who is something of a crybaby, as his father apparently constantly reminds him. Sama cries so often that the tears stain his...
  5. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    larxenes possible somebody name?

    Elenar sounds more probable, though... Arlene sounds too much like a real name. and there would only be one letter moved...
  6. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    larxenes possible somebody name?

    well, i've heard Demyx being Myde... but i dunno about Luxord.
  7. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

    Has anyone else read this series and thought it was amazing? Although I'm only up to volume 23... Who's your favorite character?
  8. Axel'sPetPhoenix

    So who's the girl, then? (Axel and Saïx)

    Ooh good point. Maybe? We'll just have to wait and see in BBS. Ya know what? That's actually a good something to look for when the game actually comes out! I think I will ;3