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    Namine's Name?

    This is simple enough, it is explained in the first half hour of KH2 Namine is Kairi's nobody. Not sora's, just Kairi's. However, seeing as Kairi never truly became a heartless, Namine was not fully formed. Most Nobodies remember their times as humans, but Namine and Roxas are different as...
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    Fanfiction ► KH on Paopu Leaves

    Ok. I got bored. What do i do when i get bored? I write parody fanfics of kingdom hearts games that last a few chapters. I got to the end of Olympus in my CoM one. Let's hope this one lasts longer. So without further ado.... Kingdom Hearts: What didn't really hapeen but sounds funnier. Ok, so...
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    KH: ...and all so end.

    From darkness all hearts are born, and all so end. The darkness is immeasurable, barely the slightest glimmer of light can be found within. This darkness, this nothingness, consumes the hearts of taken individuals. These are known as: THE NOTHING They do not think to heal, only to harm. They...
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    A little TRON to show you all

    It is on KHU and the official website, of course those who don't read Japanese wouldn't know for sure... Oh well. Another world or not, they'll get away with it and although it MAY not be ur fave world, you'll beat it.
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    What was KH missing?

    Ok, I just want to make a point. People say the heart-darkness stuff gets annoying. Well I disagree. I love KH, and I think the storyline is great. The symbolism and stuff is really powerful and I love it.
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    What was KH missing?

    Well, many KH fans could not get a game like that, therefore.... But anyways, I actually liked the Gummi ships. First time through I hated it and I warped whenever possible. But now when I just go one world away I fly. It's fun when one ship is the fastest and most maneuverable thing on earth...
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    What was KH missing?

    What was missing in KH that could be improved? The little things style. I say more NPC's.
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    Did people just get coM just cause it was kingdom heart

    Actually, the storyline and gameplay of CoM first intrigued me, and i had never had a ps2, and since it was a sort of rehash i thought i'd try it. Now i think it's tied for best GBA game and i have already beaten KH1. w00t In CoM, I am level 99 with full journal and all sleights (I even bought a...
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    Wow. When i read the first few lines i was like "this is a waste of time". But after i finished I had a whole new perspective. Me and my friends have made fun of marluxia pretty much since I first fought him. xD
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    Hehe... I accidentally added an event for today saying it was KH2's unofficial release date because i was viewing March 1st 2006.... If someone could delete it that would be good.
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    Road to Dawn- Full-On Battle RPG

    Hello! This is a new RP I tried it on the nintendo forums and two people joined :'(. If you have not beaten both modes of CoM then you are at major spoiler exposure. STORY: The remnants of the orginization are angry at Sora, Riku, and Namine. However, they are too afraid of Namine to hurt...
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    Which path? (inspired poll)

    how is bhk on the twilight path? that's more the orginization. The orginization rulez! And axel is cool. He's almost as cool as riku xD
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    Hey i love kingdom hearts (don't we all) so i should be around a lot!