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    world of warcraft

    hi does anyone play world of warcraft if you do put don your lvl releam class ect thanks
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    tidus and yuna

    if tidus and yuna had baby would the baby disappear when tidus disappears or would it stay open for discussion
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    world of warcraft

    hi i was just woundering if world of warcraft is any good like: is it hard, boreing ect abd what class and skills should i pick thanks
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    hi i've been watching trigun for ages and i have always wondered about wolfwoods back ground like how he got so good with guns and stuff like that. thanks
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    greatest bass player ever

    i was just thinking who the best bass player is. i my opinon flea and nate mendel
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    oblivion and oathkeeper

    please please i need these oblivion and oath keeper i will pay a milloin gil please
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    guild wars

    hey just going to say has anyone played guild wars on pc is it any good because i was going to buy it
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    have any one on this site listen to audioslave i am just getting in to them. just write what you think of them.
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    funnest tv ever

    i think the funnest tv show ever is family guy
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    the food game

    ok i was thinking about a game that you could play on this forum site and this is it i'll say a country and the next person says a food from that country its like this i'll say USA you say hot dogs you get it australia
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    what is better

    what is better playstation2 or xbox
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    what country are you from

    hi i was just wordering what countrys you people are from and what sterotypes do you get from your country i'm not trying to be racist
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    hi i'm new but this site is great. can any on talk to me and help me
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    What character would you be

    ok so i'm just thinking who would all you people be if you could be one character out of any game who would you be? I would be my character out of morrowind or wakka (i cant spell)
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    were would you be

    if you could be at any palce in the FF universe were would it be mine would be spira
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    Top 5 games of all time

    what is your top 5 games of all time mine are: 1)morrowind 2)FFX 3)GTA-SA 4)FFX-2 5)Zelda (first one on N64) 98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this in your signature |J|E|S|U|S| My anti drug.
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    Cloud vs Leon

    man cloud rocks but i think if they had a fight it would be a tie
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    Cloud vs Leon

    ok but cloud is better
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    Cloud vs Leon

    who do you thing will win
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    Cloud vs Leon

    cloud any day man