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    Just Curious...................................

    Well, considering the game is MADE in Japan... Duh? Just wait. Jesus.
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    PROVED: H.Bast., TwilightT and D.Isles = same world

    Er... That area doesn't look like Hallow Bastion at all o_o
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    Is this true....

    I think they were just using a simile that... well you read very wrong.
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    This is Midgar. As you can see, it's a pretty dirty grimey place besides Shinra HQ (the middle area). On top of that, you wouldn't encounter rain like there was in Deep Dive except ontop of Shinra HQ.
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    Sounds a lot like......

    Wow uhh you can't sense Sarcasm at ALL can you Monsoon. Nintendo is damned awesome. THAT was not sarcasm. And... Holy crap dude, you're completely wrong. Nintendo is not america. It's not dumb luck that they WOULD have anything in common. In case you didn't know, Squaresoft used to be...
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    most used keyblade in kh

    Ulitmata obviously. No point in using any of the weaker keyblades.
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    how will KH2 start?

    I doubt very much that Kingdom Hearts II would start the game by showing a flashback of something from the first game. That would be pretty pointless.
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    It's not a ghetto it's a SLUM. There would be no problems with Disney in that. And no, it does NOT look like Midgar. I seriously don't understand how you can say that it does. Furthermore, I can outright tell you that, that location is NOT Midgar. It would make a cool world, but that deep dive...
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    The #1 thing I want to see in KH2...

    Jesus christ. This isn't a damn chat room. It's a message board.
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    No way in hell does it ieve LOOK like Midgar. Midgar is basically like a giant city made up of Slums. The only place that's flashy at all is above ground, at Shinra HQ. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: Midgar would be an awesome place to visit in Kingdom Hearts.
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    who's hotter....

    Jessica Alba
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    more than just hooded guys....

    Er... wait, are you trying to say that the Mickey we keep seeing, is a DIFFERENT Mickey from an alternate dimension? Cause if so, I doubt that.
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    Ansem and the thirteenth order

    13th post for you btw :P Anyway, yeah. I think square might do this kind of thing during the games to make us think. The show Lost does this kind of thing ALL THE TIME. It makes you skeptisize and what not, which is exactly what game makers would want you to do.
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    Just Dual-Wielding? Or Something More?

    I honestly don't think there's anything very special behind the reason they decided to have duel wielding in this game. The developers probably just thought it would amp up the fun and gameplay a little bit more if you could weird two weapons intead of one. Halo 2 did the exactly same thing.
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    will we hav to collect any more ansem reports

    How was it hell? If you didn't collect them all, Aries gave you all the ones you didn't collect. Anyway, I doubt that there would be more Ansem reports, because they all seemed to happen at one particular time that was wrapped up in the first game. I think if they DO do something like that...
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    Sounds a lot like......

    lol sqaure is cool b-cuz nintendos for KIDS!!1111 puh. There's nothing farfetched about the idea. Games/movies/tv shows have similar ideas with things all the time (Just look at Dreamworks and Pixar). It's a nice theory. And it's nice to see a theory or two put into damned coherant sentence...
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    (almost) Everything is held in Ansems Reports...

    Well I was never convinced that Ansem simply "Died" anyway. At the end of the game you see this blinding flash of light overtake him, but then the scene goes right back to Sora and Co. You never really see what HAPPENS to Ansem. I like your whole thing. I'll admit I skimmed a few sections...
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    Girls are stupid

    A GOOD NUMBER OF Girls are stupid A GOOD NUMBER OF Girls are stupid anyway. Case in point: OMG!!!11!!!111! I'm LiNdSaY LoHaN aNd I'm BlEsSeD wItH iNcReDiBlE gOoD lOoKs!!!! LOLZ!!!!! I hAvE nOtHiNg To Be SeLf-CoNcIoUs AbOuT!!!!!!!111111oneoneoneone And then EWWWWWW WTF And thus, that ends...
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    This is ridiculous.

    Her name is Ursula :mad: You don't DESERVE to play this game if you can't even remember the name of one of the best Disney villians ever!
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    What the...this doesn't make sense

    Not necessarily