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    FFX-2 and FF7 are connected?

    OMG! I was just playing FFX-2 and i got up to the part where Yuna and Shinra talk aboout the energy from the farplane a.k.a life force. I then remembered, somehow, the Shinra coporation out of FF7, do you think they are connected? It could just be me on a sugar high but....i still thinks those...
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    New or Old Pics

    OMGZZORZORZZ, Awesome.....Maybe she's a clone....I like clone's...XD I wants Kasha in KH, don't you, cloudz? She'd be kick ass.
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    KH2 release date?

    Ooooh! NOT SCARED! I said i was pretty sure, i was asking myself the question XP but i'm pretty sure it's March next year.
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    KH2 release date?

    Isn't it coming out in March? They had a press release for it...i'm pretty sure it comes out on the 15 or something of March 2006.
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    Who's your fave on KH2

    I THINK....hang on i don't think...well, anyways, Sora is cool but then again BHK is too