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    Do you remember when Akuroku was a thing?

    I think a lot of people (me, for starters) shipped it when they were younger. Now that we've grown up, it's pretty squicky, and I'm pretty sure Lea/Isa is what a lot of AkuRoku shippers moved onto. It was a cute ship when we were Roxas's age. It's creepy now that we're Lea's age.
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    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I ship: Sora/Riku Axel/Saix Terra/Aqua I am super sketched out by: Axel/Roxas Ventus/Terra and Ventus/Aqua I am neutral towards: Sora/Kairi Everything else Intro your ships!
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    With zero details, which characters get the best treatment (in terms of development and closure) and which get the worst? I haven’t read any spoilers so no plot details please! Just want to know which characters I should go in with low expectations for, haha.
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! I'm almost positive Xehanort is Peter Stormare. Compare this character he voiced in Until Dawn with the voice in the trailer; the same very unique accent and inflections...
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    Smartest Version of Sora?

    Give me goofy fun happy dork DDD Sora over "generic supah serious and stoic protagonist" any time. Fun and silly doesn't equal stupid.
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    Unpopular opinions!

    I thought this would be a fun topic! I couldn't find a "general Kingdom Hearts" forum, so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. What are your unpopular opinions about the series? Mine are: 1. I thought Recoded had a really deep, almost philosophical story, particularly in the ending...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Does anyone have a clear cut answer on how to get all the secret...things in Birth by Sleep? I hear different answers everywhere I go. I think in the original Final Mix you couldn't access Blank Points in beginner mode, but in 2.5 it implies that you can. And for standard mode, no one seems to...
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    Hardest Battle for you in KH1?

    I've played the 1st game so much that it's actually the easiest game for me now, lol. But when I first started, it took me months, if not a year, to beat possessed Riku. It got to the point where we would act out the cutscene every time.
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    Favorite Organization 13 Member??

    Axel, for the same reasons everyone else does. I'm so original! I also find Xigbar fascinating. Though he's certainly not "good," he's an extremely interesting character to me.