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    Did u notice....Marluxia???

    marluxia controlled a nobody at the end of COM i until recently recognize wut it actually was did any one else and im talkin bout the last boss fight:D
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    how to Get Final Form

    i know this was posted before but can anyone help????
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    favorite part character/limit attack

    my favorite part is the 1000 heartless war that was just so detailed and the cutscenes were tight as well. My favorite limit is riku and soras it was the best limit hands down str8 up whatever:D
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    Organization question about TWTNW

    what door
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    2 make good sense of tha game u have to pay attention to everything
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    Proud Mode

    proud mode is hard as hell no lie to anyone who said it before me:confused:
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    Two Keyblades?

    two key blades is tight it just too short Roxas is a part of sora so of course hes going to have the same key blades as sora
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    its easy for me u should try timing it in the good range thats wut i do good luck
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    maleificent's laugh

    your right its dumb if u ask me ah hahahahahahah its so stupid
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    Valor or Wisdom?

    they r both tight but i would choose valor because it is duel-weilding who wouldn't perfer it in my view
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    Does anyone create new Gummi Ships?

    yeah ill try eventually to make one myself thanks everybody
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    Do you divide power ups?

    does anyone divide power ups among all their characters or just sora like me such as ap up, power up, defense up, etc.
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    Does anyone create new Gummi Ships?

    its to confusing and time consuming for me
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    My Personal Reveiw of Kingdom Hearts 2

    they have australian ps2's
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    Some stuff left out?

    thats so stupid why da hell would you leave out the war scene with the Behemoths that wuz tight
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    IGN Video Reveiw+Game spot on the Spot featuring kh2!

    those people dont know nothing about the KH series at all
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    Anti Form

    what is anti-form exactly
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    Anti Form

    to tell the truth i dont even know what anti-form is:confused:
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    Anti Form

    I just completed the land of dragons so no anti-form for me yet
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    Our Gamestop

    that song is okay but i prefer Makaveli A.K.A 2pac for those who didnt know