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    The characters that you are going to hate!

    Uh sorry I wasn't specific enough. I meant the two newest members released by Square & Disney. I don't hate the whole order 'cept for those two
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    The characters that you are going to hate!

    Since everyone has been making a thread about characters that they like (or will like), I said to myself, "What the f-ck," and created this. The characters that I hate are those new 13th Order guys. First of all, when a character designer says to himself, "There aren't any Japanese characters...
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    Coolest Weopon in Kingdom Hearts or KH2

    The coolest weapons that I've seen so far are Axel's Wind and Fire wheels (they're hot like him), that keyblade created from the hearts (that was wicked), and Oblivian. That was the coolest keyblade evER, the design was pertty (i mispelled on porpose) and I killed all those heartless biatches...
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    Would u want to fight the Heartless Army?

    Yes I would because my Psychiatrist told me I need to vent out my anger in a healthy, non-physical violent way. So I see a window of opputunity and level up as much as I can before this battle (probably level 77). It'sa gonna be a happy day, Bubu. (In the speech of Yogi the Bear)Plus I need to...
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    name definitions

    The things that Sora, Riku, and Kairi's names are actually forms of place. See you fly in the sky (Sora), you walk on the Earth (Riku), and you swim in water (Kairi, if her name means like water or something). It's kinda difficult to explain but maybe someone will clean it up.:D
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    BHK? who the heck?

    That my dear is what I call an understament. What would be closer is an ignorant caveman with insomnia who happened to find this forum after he decided to pick up KH and heard about KH2 . He then on this journey found a website called Kingdom Hearts2.net and stumbled into the forums where a new...
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    BHK's Name

    OH MY GOD. You are a frigging idiot if you think his name will be Lycol or Tyke. Tyke sounds like the name of an obese dog with a superioty complex and denial issues. And Lycol sounds like a cleaning solution. "To get the shit out of your underwear, use Lycol. Lycol will get out the toughest...
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    BHK name & crazy lame theory

    I suggest that we look up the name for "Twilight" or "In-Between". Because in the last game the names had meaning like Sora = sky, Riku= earth, Kairi= something that has to do with water. One of you guys should look it up (I'm too lazy. Let other people deal with the labor):D
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    the unkowns and their elements

    Okay I agree with RikuOfDarkness and KL, but the one person I don't agree with Cetramarius. I mean, you try to make your point and then you start acting like an idiot saying such mean things. Plus you're a potty mouth and a rude person. I don't think that the other two people I put up here say...
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    Ok, u people need to chill. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME!!!(for kids, too!) And also no matter wat religion u have there is a light vs. dark quality in it. So calm down and smoke some doobies with me. *So we can get high and talk to God. I don't go to church and I do it every sunday. *this is NOT...
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    Offical RHG thread

    Hey, wasn't it said that Kairi was based off of Rinoa Heartily from FFVIII? Cause her personality is close to Rinoa's and (now) her appearance is too! But hopefully she won't end up like Rinoa. Cause that was dramatic and sad :( . But I do think that Kairi might be like at special scenes and...