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    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    You got a point there, but still, we'll have to wait until Versus is ready for KH3 to be in development and since the Mystery game is probably already in production, it'll still come out sooner than KH3. Of course that's just me guessing but it would be logical to assume that. I see a lot of...
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    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    Because we'll have to wait for 3-4 years for that. If we're lucky. What's so wrong about wanting a KH game on the NGP? I think it could do great things.
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    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    Technically, that's true. But that's still not the same to me. Versus will be a totally different game that'll just resemble Kingdom Hearts in some ways. I just want a "real" (lack of better word) KH with current-gen graphics. With the same universe, gameplay (somewhat), characters, Disney...
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    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    NGP. It would be the closest thing to KH3. I would really like to have a KH game in current-gen graphics and the NGP can probably pull it off. I was planning on buying an NGP anyway, not on release but when I feel the time is right.
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    New KH 3D Screenshots

    Sora looks really weird on the above screenshot (the one with the logo on it).