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    I relized during the time i was gone the here sux, life is better( actually not really, got injured in gymnastics), but I will only come once a month, to say my hi's and goodbyes to the ppl hat have befriended me here, until i fully recover, the good thing, I can walk a little bit
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    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    Best friends forever omg I can'rt beleive you didn't know that
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    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    I was never sexual with the guys I dated, they were more like bffs than bfs and they were only secksual with my other guy bffs never really thought about penisises secks or any of the sorts but now that you mention it I think I will THANKS!!! for the people who tried to help and to the people...
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    CAll and sing happy birthaday!!!!!, yeah I'm talking to this whole forum

    443-621-1615 call her number and wish her a happy b-day, my friend got into a car acciden t and is recoveringshe can still talk she can move well both hands an one leg please twlell me if this is not the right number call my friend, she doesn't have many friends where sge lives and say it is...
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    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    yes alot of guys in my school are guy, some are i and then change to guy now its a majority, they should start a club now Also in my schoool haveing as many bfs and gfs is a goo thing means more experience besdides people who hook up only lat a week or two here so who gives a f
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    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    5 fricken guys I've dated recently have admitted there gay, can anyone help me with methods to track out the guy guys from the straight I'm soo tired dating gaymfers!!HELP!!
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    Help with my homework

    help me I'm in earth science help mewith this homework what would happen to the southwest if they had an earthquake why would this happen in the event of an earthquake? what could these people do to reduce the risk in the event of an earthquake? The southwest portion of the city is the...
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    Ring the Alarm!!Beyonce?!!wtf?

    Is beyonce on drugs? she was literlaly screaming like some phycho path scared the crap out of me either she's on drugs or's gone ghetto crazy I mean DAMN!!!! http://us.video.aol.com/video.index.adp?mode=1&pmmsid=1691133&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.windowsmedia.com
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    Danity Kane(Making the band girls)

    Does anyone like Danity kane the making the band girls's group name, if you watch the show on MTv:thumbup:
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    John Tucker Must Die!!

    Funniest movie ever I'm advising you to see this movie because I know you won't regret it:thumbsup: John: My nipples hurt!!! LOL
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    I think I've been hacked

    Someone edited my profile and everything well not everything, I was supposed to be gone for 2 months but I was allowed back on thanks to my parents now I come back happy and my profile my sig and everything looks gothish, WTH happened!!!? p.s I'm not goth
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    Rupert Grint Fans

    I'm not copying of of the the Daniuel RadCliffe one, (maybe) but if there are any fans post or die!!!! lol, but srsly post or die!!! I luv him
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    Who's Watching "That's So Suite Life of Hanna Montana"

    I am!!!!!!!:thumbsup: w00t! I'm so glad Disney came up with this idea, I can't wait to see the bonus surprise for thjat night as well*is very excited* I can't be the only ONe watcing it on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you aren't gonna watch it then I Recommend it:thumbup:
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    Aly & AJ

    Does anyone besides me listen to their music besides me and have you heard their new song Chemicals react The link: http://www.videocodezone.com/videos/a/aly_aj/chemicals_react.html
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    Kikyo's Plot!!!!against us(suppported by mods and other members)

    I bought this up in the chat but so many mods and members agreed with me I just had to tell the rest of you(lame) If you saw the threatning post againsn't poor monkehbutt, which was Zackstorm he could be any ne on here, but the most spectable person is kikyo...
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    The simple life: till death do us part

    I love that show, reason is because they try to prove they can do stuff yet they do it wrong, don't do it at all or just goof off p.s I think nicole is sorta better than paris because well she calls everyone a female dog LOL!!
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    Chemical Romance

    who else (besides me) are fans of chemical romance I ♥ Gerard
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    English Vs. Japanese kh2 theme songs

    Thats is exactly what I was thinking Sanctuary is great but it doesn't have the flow of passion, maybe Utada just felt better doing the KH2 theme song in Japanese than english
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    English Vs. Japanese kh2 theme songs

    In my opinion "Passion" japanese song to KH2 is best to me because that song seems so right in japanse with KH2 but........... some people like "Sanctuary" best so since this is Khinsider I wanna see which song you guys will choose best I'll post the links below to "Passion" and "Sanctuary"...
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    Let's make this game harder

    I tried that.......its STILL TOO EASY and technically some of that stuff isn't even possible I just did the ones that were possible