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    Best Sora Form

    Anti form is the best, clearly. It's alot faster in battle and getting to areas in general. But, I don't like the non-availability of action commands or use in boss battles.
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    Signature Image Code Problems!

    I've been trying to edit my signature which new images out of my photobucket account and haven't had any luck. Every time I paste the image coding it shows up differently and refuses to work. Infact, the link won't show up in the first place! The only problems causing this is with my NoScript...
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    Ansem and Kairi connection?

    Ok, that makes more sense. Sorry, I'm just getting good at confusing myself, quite the bad habit. And the family thing, it's because no matter what, everything is somehow brought back to your family ties, or family views, etc.
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    why is that?

    KH1 had special trinities, secret ways to get chests, you have to find 99 dalmatians, harder battles, and more complex worlds and levels. To be honest I'm not even close to beating it yet. I played KH2, loved it, than got the first one. By KH2 was much easier with reaction commands, the gummi...
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    I thought it be cool if they had some more stuff including Mickey, maybe some clips of him looking for Sora and the gang, to throw in some suspense. I would get rid of that "trying-to-looking-overly-3-D" thing they did at the end when Sora got a message. KH2 could have used like 1 more world...
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    Kairi in Betwix and Between

    I never really thought of that...I think I, too, need to play it through again.
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    Ansem and Kairi connection?

    Okay, in the Ansem reports he talks about he was mayor of Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion. Somewhere in the game it shows young Riku and Sora talking about the "new" girl, Kairi. In the conversation I believe they said something about the girl's father being a mayor and how she came on the day...
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    Yaoi Creations

    Well this is a thread where you post any cool yaoi pics you've created/edited to make look much cooler. You dig?
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    I'd say either Calm Bounty, Moogle Room, or Sleeping Darkness.
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    "'"''Sweeney Todd Fanclub"'"''

    Well when you combine Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, a horror movie, and some awesome music, it's bound to be an awesome movie. Every other movie and/or musical is now an epic fail compared to Sweeney Todd.
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    Christmas Sora

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but in KHIIFM, you get to be Christmas Sora, and I need someone to PM or post a good picture of that if they could, please.
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    The []+Sly Cooper Fan Club~[]

    Well, the title says it all. If you like Sly Cooper, any characters in the game, or like one of the games, you should join. []+Sly Cooper Fan Club~[] current population: 1
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    Level 99 Roxas

    I think I'll try this. I bet with my weekends and stuff I could accomplish it. But I'm in the middle of Sly 2 so, it would take a little longer.
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    A problem with Merlin

    Ok, so I've found 3 torn pages, and I know you bring them back to Merlin. But once I get there and try to talk to him, he only asks me if I want to practice my magic. So what do I do?
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    Another thought.

    Well, I haven't seen the part of KH where Kairi gives Sora her good luck charm, but, I was thinking in KH2 in inventory once it switches to Sora, it should be in there automatically, and can't be deleted, like the munny pouch you obtain from Roxas. Yeah, I've been doing a lot of thinking today.
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    Something on my mind.

    So yeah, yesterday was the first time I visited the official KH site. Anyways, where it said age, when it said Sora and Kairi were 14, Riku is 15,Selphie and Tidus are 13 and Wakka is 15, I was surprised. In my mind, Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Tidus were all 10-12. Selphie, was a year younger than...
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    KH3 possiblity for PS2?

    Well, do guys think it's possible? I think they might still make one for PS2. I hope they do, cause I do have a DS, but I prefer my PS2.
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    Your Favorite Name

    Like any name. I really don't have one at the moment, so post yours!
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    Deep Jungle Help?

    Well, I've gotten to the part where you need to help Jane, but I have no clue where to find her, I keep going in circles.
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    Hey there fellow KH lovers!

    Well, I'm obviously new here. Well, if you want to know anything about me, it's all in my profile. I've beat KH2, 4 times just for the love of the game.....but on Easy mode only.:bored: I also own KH1, and I've beaten Wonderland.....but that's it. :lol: Well, you can see I'm a very proud, girl...