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    Survery for school...

    hey everyone i really need people to take this survery for school i need at least 90 people by tomorrow it is used for research purposes and everything will be kept anonymous if you could take 5 min of your time to complete this it would be highly appriciated. Thanks! The Salem Witchtrials Hysteria
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    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

    Larxene all the way! I dont know what it was about her but I just liked her best even though she got annoying at times...
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    Scary Movie 4

    I just rented this movie and i have to say it is extremly funny, is anyone else interested in seeing it?
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    Should there be another...

    I liked it it gave the game a new point of view well in my opinion except sometimes it did get annoying like right now since im stuck and i cant get a 1 blue map card >_<
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    Should there be another...

    Another thuoght just hit me when they wre making CoM did we have to wait longer for kh2? i barely remember that far back lol
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    Should there be another...

    Thats the only reason i thought of it I was thinking maybe there are a few unanswered questions between kh2 and kh3....
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    Should there be another...

    Should there be another game like COM for the intermission between kingdom hearts 1 and 2 for 2 and 3? or would that just be a stupid idea? I was wondering because it kept the fans well served for a while if you know what i mean. Share your thouhts and comments here also if you think its a...
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    What Music....

    What music do you think sora would listen to? (ex, rap, rock,jazz etc you can also list a band if yuo would like)
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    Favorite moves

    This is just a random thing i thought of which is your favorite slight? Mine is Sonic Blade since it takes out most of the enemies as the battle starts.
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    Your favorite Heartless

    Eh i think i would have to say either the bulkey vendor or the neo-shadows.
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    Riku Replica

    I think he just ran off to find who he truely was either that or something happened to him on the way out and was killed by someone....I honestly have no idea and that is a good question by the way.
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    hey....is this...

    It was before the final level since i just passed that part 2 nights ago (this is my 5th time playing the game) and I'm pretty sure Namine said it
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    Your favourite CoM Organization member?

    Larxene even though she could be annoying at times i really did like her in the game (not literally just as a character >_<)
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    Favorite Summon?

    Cloud he is my favorite character (well one of them) in the whole FF series and because he owns in COM lol
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    Riku's Kairi

    i never really thought about it but Riku does seem gay and let me add this i kind of got a lugh when i saw this topic since i never thought about it before lol
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    Im not sure if there is a topic on this already but who here likes Slipknot? they are a Heavy Metal band (i dont know more then 4 people that like havey meatal lol) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ovWhCROzBk&search=kingdom%20hearts%20funny%20videos That is Slipknot-Before I forget kingdom...
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    Does anyone remember...

    Does anyone remember the E-Reader? i just found it in my room a few days ago and i forgot i had it. There were a few good old time games on it like ice climbers and ping pong but i was just wondering did anyone else ever hear of it and or have it?
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    sora or riku?

    riku because it was easier to level up rather then sora geez the endless hours i spent trying to level sora to 99
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    Ive been here a while but i never introduced myself lol well first off im muffin...DONT EAT ME and i come on this site whenever i get the chance to come on the computer other then that i like to play video games and hang with my friends:D
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    Orchelum +

    eh im not sure about the spelling but i just have a question. Where do you get all the O+ for the Ultima weapon? ive been looking for a long time now and i just cant seem to find them (except the one that you have to get all the synthesis items) if anyone could help me out that would be great...