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    Help/Support ► A problem that just hit me

    Okay. I have to ask this.. are they your close friends?(also sorry if you did mention they were/weren't..) But I think you should leave them.. if they ignore you then they are not worth it.
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    The Nature of the Organization

    I don't think there's anything wrong with what they did(but then again, I also think Sora is a serial killer) and yeah.. I also agree with iZumi, Josiah and M.o.N. They weren't bad.. they were just desperate.
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    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    I really like this fic ^^ it's well written AND has Mary-Sue bashing YAY XD ANGST Can I join the Timmy Fanclub?
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    Roxas x Namine Thread

    I actually quite like the idea of Roxas and Naminé, not just as friends, but also a couple. However the BL fangirl in me screams out for more Akuroku and Zemyx........... but I think I have to say that Roxas and Naminé make a really good couple. They're also cute ^^
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    Humm.... yeah ^^ Hi y'all

    Liek OMG Hai Gais *shot* Yeah... That wasn't me... that was a random noob... heh.. ^^' Aaaanyway, hi. I'm Snowin, and I've gotten rusty in writing intro posts, so please forgive me for the lameness in this post. Umm... I like drawing and writing, my desk is a mess and I can't think of anything...