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    stuff that sucks in kh : chain of memories

    the fact that you only have a certain amount of cards, and in r/r mode, the decks for each level are premade :mad:
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    Most used move in the game?

    regular strikes. i never used any of the fancy crap, just good old whacking :p
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    i would have to agree with that. it seems more logical (no offense to other theroys)
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    i chose darkness because it has the greater power and the cooler moves :D :p also, riku's weapons are awesome!
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    reverse rebirth mode help

    i'll help on any questions or tips you need in reverse rebirth mode. it was very easy for me, i beat it in less than 7 1/2 hours. :p one tip for now, when your facing dark riku in twilight town, take a bit of time to level up a bit....he is harder than before. also, if he's going to use dark...
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    what unknown iz Your favorite?

    zexion and axel. axel because i love fire and his weapons are awesome and unique. Zexion because his hair looks awesome ( :p ) and he is somewhat similar in personality
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    Max CP?

    i have 1450 cp
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    hardest Boss

    KH: sephiroth KH: COM sora mode: riku replica last time and fake marluxia KH: COM riku mode : riku relipca in twilight town
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    favorite heartless kh2

    my favorite from what ive seen are the neoshadows :D
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    new guy

    hello hello, im new. just thought i'd register here since im an insane kingdom hearts fan. :D i'll bet anything i should read the rules, post some, chill out etc. :D the name 'excerion' is the name of a character of the organization in KH: COM and KH2 i made up, and is somewhat of an alter...