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    anyone know where i can find some master form pics

    ya the title says it all but i can't find none... if you know where i can find some wallpaper of sora in master form it will be greatly appreciated =]
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Surpasses One Million Copies Shiped in North America!

    hey i have one thing to say about halo... ..**** halo. halo 2 halo 3 to come all of em they all suck. =]
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    anyone see that new ign video???

    that sh** made me sick fu** that guy i thought it was a great game after i saw that i was so mad if u didn't see it u should watch he tries really hard to explain why he gave the game a 7.6 but none of it's believable the guys an idiot tell me this if he's so justified in the rateing of a 7.6...
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    pictures anyone?

    anyone know where i can get some go0d kingdom hearts 2 pics?
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    game of the year?

    do any of you think kh2 will win game of the year or at least be a nominee y or y not? I think it should win game of the year but iono... tell me your thoughts
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    where do u get the items for ultima weapon!?

    i have everything except the orichullum plus(+), serenity crystals, and dense crystals, does anyone know where to get those?...thanks alot
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    does anyone know how to get the ultima keyblade recipe to synthesize?
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    hey do you think there'll be a kh3 if why?

    i think there'll be a kh3 cuz of that note at the end that kairi gives sora but iono... fer sure...
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    where do u find nobodies the most? like in what world...
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    what do you like about kh2 better than kh1

    i like how you get to fight as mickey that was pretty sick
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    o ok thanks alot i'll try that cuz i heard that u can get each of them to level 7 and wen u get final form to level 3 you get the glide ability
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    i just beat the game saturday after i got it on wednesday but i wanna knoe if anyone knows how u level up your drive froms...