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    Converting media files

    I'm not sure how to explain this. I have a video file thats in ogm format. And I'm trying to use a program to split the video but it only accepts AVI/DivX, MPEG(MPG) or WMV/ASF formats. So how do you change the format of the video? I actually don't know if its even possible. Can someone help...
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    They told me April 1st...should I?

    Only 5 days is not that long xp (you can't be in the middle of the game that soon, everyone knows how long it is oO)Who says everyone will have the day tomorrow? It'll prolly be sold out soon. And you might get it earlier you never know. At least you know your getting the game. Don't be a baby...
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    4 yrs or 4 days?

    4 years for sure ~___~ I guess 4 days is hard. but man at least you know its coming out. but 4 years~~~ its just... horrible
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    Sora vs Roxas pt2

    Sora no doubt <3
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    What would you do, or say!?

    You know I was just thinking about that this morning! 'Hmm.. i wonder if they delayed the game again... 3 days before it comes out... what would ppl do? *scary thought*' Ooohh not a pretty picture.. I would get very pissed, cry a lot... then.. i dunno prolly import it even tho I can't...
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    Once you have KH2...will you play KH?

    I don't think I will.... maybe in a couple of years. Once their about to release kh3.. I might replay the first 2 games. but anytime soon? no way~
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    disney channel kingdom hearts 2 commercial?

    I watch disney channel a lot and I haven't seen it yet either. I mean, when something new is coming out don't they show commercials for it like 2 weeks(or even a month) before its out? theres only 4 days left and still nothing x.x no matter tho, the less ppl going to buy the game on the first...
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    I can't skip school either~ i'm on thin ice by already having enough absences and to be absencent from school to play all day... man then i'm just asking for it =.=" but i am gonna ask my mom in the morning when she drives me to school to stop by somewhere so i can buy the game early!! my friend...
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    English Voices

    I think the voices are great :3
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    Favorite season?

    Mine is Spring :3 Not too cold not too hot but just right ^^ Plus~ theres spring break lol
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    Hallu~ ^^

    Oi minna-san~! My name is Renali obviosly, but my real name is Evelin. :] Feel free to call me rena-chan or whatever. My friend got me into this site~ I saw the battle system you have very cool! I haven't played in one of those in so long.... i'm dissapointed there are no little chibis, but...