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    Deep Dive discovery!

    how do u get pictures by ur name and stuff?
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    Deep Dive discovery!

    that is sweat i never noticed before
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    Help Me!!!!

    my best be tis to try a new controller if u have one. If not then see if maybe your game is just messed up and wont let u use x. reply again and tell me if it only works on ur disk. try to borrow a friends and test it out.
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    sora & kairi

    i think that kairi will be a big part in KH2 and her and sora will be reunited in twilight town in the middle of the game
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    sora & kairi

    twilight town is there any way u can help me get munny? for my char?
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    sora & kairi

    i think that kairi loves sora, though she tries not to show it around riku
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    How do you think KH2 should end?

    i thinkj that ansem should come out and talk to sorry. After, Diz should suddenly come out and "kill/destroy" ansem and admit that he is the new heartless ruler, and that he was the one who currupted ansem. Then when you defeat him sora will find out that there is other kinds of heartless, which...