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    Organization XIII and their Keyblades

    I'm not sure if this is right, but someone I know (ladychimera) brought up a notable idea in her journal, that for each of the Organization XIII members, there's a keyblade relating to them somehow, whether it's coincidence or not I still think that's pretty interesting. I quote "Oblivion for...
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    org. xiii

    Xemnas - Ansem Xigbar - Braig Xaldin - Dilan Vexen - Even Lexaeus - Eleaus Zexion - Ienzo Saix - Ias (pronounced eye-as) Axel - Ale or Ael (pronounced Ay-el) the second one Demyx - Myde Luxford - Fulord Marluxia - Lumaria Larxene - Elenra (pronounced El-en-rah) Roxas - Sora This is what I came...
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    These are the names I liked when I anagramed them all without the x's Xemnas - Ansem (of course) Xigbar - Braig (Ansem Repost) Xaldin - Dalin (Ansem Report) Vexen - Even (Ansem Report) Lexaeus - Eleaus Zexion - Ienzo (ansem Report) Saix - Ias (pronounced Eye-is or some form of Ice or something)...
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    Lexaeus's power is stone/rock Marly's is Nature/Earth/ Flowers I guess too Xemnas's power is darkness ^^
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    Drive and Underworld

    That's what I did though, and I still get about 3000-4000 I've used Neverland for Peter Pan and the Ukelele for Stitch and I've tried them both a lot but still I don't get that close.
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    Drive and Underworld

    Srry about the wrong section thing, but thanks I'll try that That's what I did though, I used Stitch like 50 times and Peter Pan about 30 and I still only get arround like 3000-4000
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    Drive and Underworld

    How do you get the drive up to level 7? I can only get them all to level 5 (it won't level up) andI was wondering if you had to raise the summon to level 5 to or something. and how do you get 5000 orbs in the last cup in the Underworld, because the most I got was only 4000 and stuff and I've...
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    The Little Mermaid Musical

    I dies laughing during the first time I played it!! XD so I basically failed and had to do it again because during the whole thing I was rolling on the floor!! XD
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    Sora & Kairi reunite

    I don't think they kissed yet because it's not over! XD Maybe their waiting until the end of the series, which won't happen very soon I hope, because I love KH <3
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    organazation names

    No, Xigbar was talking to Zexion, and he said that 'his 'new' name was Mar-something or other' ^^
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    organazation names

    I'm not sure if these are right but I just unscrambled names and liked these best Xenmas-Ansem (report) Xigbar-Braig (report) Xaldin-Dalin (report) Vexen-Even (report) Lexaeus-Eleaus (report) Zexion-Ienzo (report) Saix-Ias (Ia-ce) Axel-Ael (Ay-el) Demyx-Myde Luxford-Fulord Marluxia-Lumaria...
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    Twilight Town Minigames, with Sora

    No, I was just like alright, I'm going to TWTNW because the minigames were being weird, so yea, I'm at the part where Kairi and Namine escape and stuff and Sora just made the bridge thing to the Org 13 stronghold, I didn't go in yet because I'm still going to see if the minigames work, but so...
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    Twilight Town Minigames, with Sora

    Ok, so now I know I can use Sora, but no one posted back, so When can you do the minigames with Sora, during the first visit? or what? because I'm at the part at the end of the game where I go the the world that never was and I've tried to do the minigames but it keeps saying something like...
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    Roxas/Sora Twilight Town Minigames

    Something isn't right, i tried the minigames and it just says updating or something like that, did I have to do them the first time I visited Twilight town with Sora or something, I'm near the end of the game, where I go to the World that Never Was.
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    Roxas/Sora Twilight Town Minigames

    Thank you soo much, I was real worried at first
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    Roxas/Sora Twilight Town Minigames

    Thank god!! I thought I was gonna have to start all over! TT
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    Roxas/Sora Twilight Town Minigames

    I was wondering, for the minigames in Twilight Town, you have to do them again, but the thing is do you HAVE to do it as Roxas way back in the beginning? Or can you do it as Sora somehow? If so How do you do it with Sora? I'm trying to get the secret ending, and I couldn't fins anything about...