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    harry potter

    in harry potter 4 for the pc, fow do i use other jinxs like in the hogwarts extiorior there is that lake thing with the plants on it and im pretty sure i have to use herbivorius or whatever and i cant and in the forbidden forest there is that shield up on that platform with the vine going up to...
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    final fantasy IX

    I started this game a while ago and my disk mesed up. and i restarted it finally and cant remember anything, what the last thing i did was where to go next or anything. is there anyway that there is a marker or something that will tell me to go next. ps im on like the third disk i didnt start a...
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    final fantasy 7 pc

    i recently bought it for the pc and i cant even start a game because the default controls are set to the number pad, but im on a lap top does anyone no how i can fix this problem?
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    moogle points?

    what do they look like. how do i get them where is the best place to get them. dont tellme to sell cards either please.
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    The final fantasy 7 mobilesnowboarding game how can I get it on my phone, or my computer.
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    What would you do if KH2 dosen't release

    crap my pants considering i already payed for it
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    release date

    why is the date still unknown, when i preordered the game gamestop told me it was being released dec. 1 is that not when its coming out. is that just what they told me just a question not a date plz dont erase or ban
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    gta san andreas controls

    why is it that when i tilt the control stick back i go forward and forward i go backwards
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    PSP- mp3 player?

    cant figure out how to put songs onto my new psp? can anyone help me?
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    Gamecube gameboy connector

    i just bought the connector that connects into the controller port and the game boy top how do i get it to work i plugged it in and everything but it wont work what do i do
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    my gamecube prob

    what is up wit my system it keeps sayin on vertain games that it cant read the disk what is up
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    Im leavin to

    all of my posts are gone to all yall might not no me as well as new2ya or those others but i do consider myself a senior member so see ya