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    realease date? :(

    ok i have noidea what to think everyone i know says that KH2 is coming out in september but everything I look up says that its not coming out until Winter of 2005.... Help ME!
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    Riku's Transformation

    dawn is "becoming light" while twilight is "becoming darkness" so that means that riku is going towards the light while BHK (while protecting sora) is heading toward the darkness because sora is heading to the darkness to unleash the true light...
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    just somthing i noticed....

    yeah i was thinkin the same thing yesterday when i was looking at the comic-con photos too!weeeeeeeeeeeird
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    plz read!it important.

    personnally i dont now why they've hidden his name from us for so long
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    Kingdom hearts logic too hard for children?

    i dont think that the word "logic" is the proper word to use for this forums general discussion.... more of....... the ability to UNDERSTAND whats going on. i'm only 12 and i got it fine.. nothing about it confused me. i think that the game would be confusing for kids like 7 or younger or...
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    Random Theory

    thats actually pretty good, better than alot ive heard. i think that that can really get somewhere
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    The stupidest thing they could do to KH2?

    yeah i knew that they would fall in love from the start.........
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    Trinity Help!

    keybladekid you go down in the waterway to where you examine the crystals to move the walls but dont go all the way. there will be kind of a stone wall to yo0ur left if your going towards the wall place. make sure u have beast and use him to crush the wall. it should bekind of self explanitory...
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    not exactally needing help but....

    ok its not an alternate ending at all. its an extra scene kind of a preview of KH2 you get it by getting all 99 dalmations, sealing all the worlds including winnie the pooh, the coliseum, and traverse town. and thats pretty much it... but after you beat the game... be patient and it will come on
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    Kairi from HB

    yes, she is from HB because in one of the FM ansem reports it says he will send a girl to the ocean of another world (kairi)
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    where is she?

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    Yet another BHK theory

    i agree with axel and his theory
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    help with the phantom...

    *cat hissing* fine i will
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    help with the phantom...

    k u guys any questions you have on how to beat the phantom. ask here.....
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    Hey people! I was just wonderin'..........

    teh girl on the island is kairi, the blinfolded unknown is thought to be riku, and the guy with the two keyblades is thought to be BHK. does that answer your question?
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    secret keys in kh

    i'm trying i'm one trinity away from being able to "get" one of these keyblades and if i get it i swear if i say i got it i got it
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    secret keys in kh

    i'm guessing that youve tried it?
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    secret keys in kh

    btw awsome sig darkcloud
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    secret keys in kh

    well i'm jsut trying to get a confirmation before i waste all of my time trying toget them
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    secret keys in kh

    i've heard that theres 3 keyblades that are hidden in the game? is this true??:confused: