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    hmm.. Maybe Beast was under some sort of spell or something. You never know.
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    The stupidest thing they could do to KH2?

    The dumbest thing they could do is use some crappy battle system nobody really likes, such as what they did with KH2
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    NEW kh screenshots

    Hmm Merlin and Minnie. Thanks for the scans.
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    KH CoM jokes!

    Sora: Kairi I love You! Sora wakes up on the floor. Claoked Man: *mimicking sora* Kairi ooooohhh kairi i looooove you hahaha hahahahaha Loser. XD XD XD *makes kissing face Sora: GET BACK HERE IM GONNA BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU! Cloaked Man: You gotta catch me first Lover boy! XD XD. Later At...
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    False Theroies

    Thank you for clearing things up for me. Those theories can really be misleading.
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    dont flame me but i have hope

    If Kingdom Hearts is releasing the same day as Advent Children its release is September 13 here and the 14th in japan
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    Riku clone?

    Im still in the oblivion castle in Sora's story. I havent beaten it cause it lost appeal...... That clone is harder than Riku in KH...cause in KH i didnt have to be lucky to beat him..