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    http://www.titane.ca/concordia/dfar251/igod/main.html The wisdom I have been blessed with.... Me: I headbutted a small animal God: Do you mind if I tell other people: said headbutted a small animal. Me: His balls were tasty =\ God: Where did he get it? Me: Grew em God: How did you...
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    You're level 99 and you still haven't beaten the game like ten times over? -_-;; Marluxia is the wimpiest boss ever. You can beat him without getting hit ONCE. And normal attacks do extra damage on him. He's that sad.
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    Final Fantasy XI World Pass

    To anyone who possibly plays FFXI on this forum on their computer, I need a world pass to get onto Midgardsormr. As of now, my other friends who DO play FFXI are offline, and I got banned from another forum so yeah.. I've resorted to this place. If anyone could lend me a hand and get me a World...
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    The rest of the Order's real name?

    .... That's interesting. Nice find, again, Xaldin.
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    SPOILERS***** Sora's wardrobe malfunction

    Yes... yes you are. And Xaldin pwns us all. Nice wardrobe malfunction though.
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    Spoilers******all three key symbols unveiled

    I want to know the same as Inner-Demon; what would the crown mean? It doesn't fit in with the Heart Symbol and Nobody Symbol. But that's just me.
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    I've only heard three of their songs; Gothic Sanctuary, Wanderlust, and Planet Hell. But I love them all. What do you guys think of them, if you have listened to them, and what other songs by Nightwish sound good?
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    Kingdom Hearts II Ending + Credits Now with SOUND

    Deathspank.. Thank you for being a viable resource into KH2. Kudos to you, InnerFred, and Xaldin.
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    Final fantasy IX Zidane

    I'm sure we can imagine what the game would be like if [insert character name not already in KH2] was in KH2. Bah... Zidane was a good guy. If [insert character in KH2] was in KH2, then so should Zidane.
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    Three Knights--spoiler Maybe

    There was another thread exactly like this... Anyway, I'm going to pretend I have no idea who the three knights could be. A great deal of people are probably thinking Sora, Riku, and Roxas, but I think they might just be totally new characters.
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    Another new type of the old Heartless. ^^

    Awww.. Look at the cute little nocturne o_OO
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    **Spoiler/Theory** Popsicles

    austin11118, just stop posting....... You phail for believing in the significance of a summer treat ._.
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    **Spoiler?!?!** New Heartless?

    You, austin11118, just made my day. Now where is my hunting rifle? Imma hunting n00blets...
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    Why does Riku wear Blind?

    Because he got laser eye surgery! Yeah... That is a good question. I'm sure someone else (COUGHXALDINCOUGH) will find this thread and provide a sufficient answer.
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    What pisses you off?

    Are you talking about Marluxia? He is pathetically easy. His weakness is actually normal physical attacks. Go figure. Oh yeah, another thing that pissed me off was having to use cards to open doors. I always ended up getting 99 stupid cards and at some point I'd come to a door that I can't...
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    What pisses you off?

    CoM itself = bad. I only played because of the Riku aspect.
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    Favorite order members?*SPOILERS*

    Zexion didn't die.. He "Fell into ruin" or something <<
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    Meaning of DiZ...

    I'll agree with milkman64... Can you be less vague?
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    New keyblade

    I swear I am going to play the game with JUST that keyblade X_X
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    Kingdom Hearts II Guide Book

    Jebus.. I want to import that just cause it looks nice T.T