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    Dysfunctional Hearts - KH Parody Series

    Check out my profile and watch my Kingdom Hearts dubbed parody: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Gabrielknight32 Episodes 1-10 uploaded, Episode 11 to be uploaded tomorrow. be sure to comment and rate my videos. thanks! Be warned, videos contain language and some crude sexual humor...
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    My Glitch at End of The World

    lmao...weird :p
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    KingDUMB Hearts - My Dubbed Parody Video

    This is my kingdom hearts parody video. let me know what you like and dont like about it. if people like it, I will make more. of course its the first episode, so its not gonna be as good. upcoming episodes will feature celebrity cameo voices (such michael jackson, bill cosby, and arnold...
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    The Official: Do You Like Sora Or Roxas More?

    roxas is a brat. lol. I like sora.
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    Your fastest completion time?

    yeah, Im thinkin bout doin a speedrun on begginer.
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    Your fastest completion time?

    it is possible. It was my second time that I went fast. first time took me 35 hours and I absolutely loved the game, so I didnt lose any experience. I then found out to get the secret movie it needed to be on another difficulty so I played again and completed all worlds on proud. believe me, its...
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    Your fastest completion time?

    damn, dude. 1 hour for KH1? I dont know about that. and it only took my 4 hours to beat CoM, unless you mean both modes. is it really possible to complete KH1 in an hour? Im dead serious. I wish I wasnt. I skipped the pointless movies, just watched the organization movies and the movies...
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    Your fastest completion time?

    KH2 is possibly my favorite game of all time, but I found it rather short. the first time I played through, taking my time on begginner, I completed in 35 hours, and the second time I played on PROUD and completed within 12 hours! whats up with that? I mean, I skipped some of the more pointless...
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    Question about soundtrack...

    Hey, I've got a question about the kingdom hearts 2 soundtrack. I'd like to get it but its an import. does that mean the opening/closing songs will be in japanese? I have the first soundtrack import and simple and clean is in english. is it like that or japanese? if its japanese, will there be...
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    Worst place to buy KH2

    lol, got my KH at target too when it came up. I bought it before I even had enough money to buy a ps2. so, you could say that KH was the reason I bought a ps2
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    Worst place to buy KH2

    ^ lmao, exactly.
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    Worst place to buy KH2

    I'd have to say the worst place would probably be home depot.
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    Countdown thread: Org style

    ^ the 28th is just KH2-day Eve. the 29th is the big day. if you think otherwise, you are an idiot and you deserve to die.
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    Countdown thread: Org style

    we could sacrifice a small goat...
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    Official Countdown Thread.

    I've waited 3 longs years. I can wait 12 days.
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    More news on the LE strategy guide

    Re: News on the LE strategy guide u heard it from me first! tell her to bite you. parents just dont understand. oh and guys, chill out. its just a book. "And Ima be like BAM, and she's gonna be like WOW, are were all gonna be BLING BLING BLING, SHAZZAAAM KH2 WACK DIGGITY YO!"
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    More news on the LE strategy guide

    Re: News on the LE strategy guide u heard it from me first! is that it? an art book? I mean, that great, but paying twice as much and thats the only thing extra? hopefully they'll throw in the soundtrack too. that'd be sweet.
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    R u the only one out of your freinds to play this.

    there's nothing wrong with it. Im 19 and my friends are too and we all like it. I even know a few 20-30 year olds who are into the game. its not really a kids game in my eyes. way too dark. What a tard.
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    Roxas playtime

    20 hours...lmao
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    R u the only one out of your freinds to play this.

    well, considering that Im out of Highschool now (College student), I've only kept a select few friends that I keep in contact with (3 good friends). 2 are really excited about the game and like me cant wait for it. my best friend likes the first game, but isnt THAT excited, though he probably...