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  1. J

    1 dragon 3 knighs 3 keyblades masters and one badguy left

    Oh yeah. I can tell who a shadow is just by watching him walk.
  2. J

    okay here then you will know what i mean

    I know, it makes me think that i'm crazy too.
  3. J

    1 dragon 3 knighs 3 keyblades masters and one badguy left

    How do you know that it was Zexion? It was just someone with one of the Organization coats on.
  4. J

    wuts the deal deal about zexion

    In the past AND the future? That doesn't make any sense. Plus you don't know for sure that it will be in the past.
  5. J

    The US Division Dropped The Ball...

    There's a point that I can agree with.
  6. J

    kh2 jokes really funny

    You jokes need a little work. And by a little, I mean alot.
  7. J


    I have to wait 'till friday, only three days away.
  8. J

    2 day count down starts Now

    I know how you feel...
  9. J

    Question about the realse date

    My EB Games doesn't get it until friday.
  10. J

    28th or 30th

    I Just checked with the EBGames near my house. Their not getting it until the 31st. :(
  11. J

    (spoiler)pain and panic(spoiler)small one

    Cool. Now I know something that I didn't know before.
  12. J

    1,280 days

    I got mine a year after it first came out. At first I started seeing all these commercials with Sora and all these other Disney characters in them, and I was like, WTF? So I saved up for a PS2 and bought the game and beat it.(5 or 6 days it took me) Then I looked up Kingdom Hearts 2 on the...
  13. J

    one winged angel

    I like the Advent Children Version.
  14. J

    Kingdom Hearts 2 OST Cover

    Don't claim things that you can't back up with proof.
  15. J

    New Summons in KH2!

    New Summons would be neat. i like the idea of being able to summon stitch.
  16. J

    new pics

    The first pic I haven't seen but the rest are still pretty new. Good find.
  17. J

    Skeleton Sora

    Or where it said change it could of meant that the perosn playing could of changed party members. One of the new features of kingdom hearts 2 is that you can swap members on the fly. So it could have meant change in that sense.
  18. J

    KH2 Official Site Updated Worlds Section

    That's good how they let us know the different parts of the new worlds.
  19. J

    Fanfiction ► KH 2 extra features

    Oh and the train station is in Twilight Town.