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    Answer Me This?!?!?!

    Sorry, just thought I would make something attention grabbing because usually all you "wonderful" members that help members ignore my posts, so I figured I would get your attention some how. Does anyone know if there are plans for an american release of this soundtrack (or an english version?)...
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    Theme Song Is NOT "Passion".......

    Welcome to a month ago buddy.
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    Official Artwork

    Hey everyone. I was wodnering if anyone knew if there was a place where I could find all the official artwork of the characters in the games (Not only Sora, but the disney characters, Final Fantasy Characters, and Disney Characters) And I don't mean screen shots and what not, I mean the official...
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    concerning Kairi (SPOILER)

    Re: concerning Kairi Ick, her arms are disgustingly skinny...woops thats off topic.
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    music in kh2

    your forgetting Disney Castle and Port Royale, that was the original music too. Mickey Mouse club theme and the priates of the carribean main theme.
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    kh2 question more princesses

    I think we have the Kingdom Hearts expert up here everybody!!! However, despite my sarcasm I do agree, I don't think there's anymore Princess's of heart.
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    English KH2 Ultimania?

    It is only in Japan FOR NOW. However, if imports become popular and Disney thinks the book would sale over here in America, trust me, they'll find some way to bring it over to the states. Disney will do anything to make some cash, and I can tell you, anything is an understatment.
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    Fav kh2 ost

    showdown at hallow bastion was pretty awsome, despite being 48 seconds long lol.
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    Who is girlier???? spoiller lol

    Re: Who is girlier???? No, Marluxia looks like a girls name, anything with "ia" on it, shouldn't be assuciated with a guys name.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 Images.

    Your kidding me? Are you really dumb enough to go to some place, (and of all places..."Biggest Encyclopedia on the net.") where there are pictures of orginization members pictures posted, by going to that link you were asking to get spoiled, and be honest, you really were.
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    Fav kh2 ost

    That's a Midi, not a mini....*shakes head*
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    Official KH2 artwork

    you have better luck finding more official artwork on the links posted in all honesty, official sites aren't going to have much for fear of spoiling plots and characters.
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    Might be a spioler about the secret ending

    Just like the original secret, wow, LAME
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    KH2 Cutscenes archive

    Re: *Update 1/21* All KH2 Cutscenes Available which one is the video of malficent blocking off the heartless? (infact, where are all the maleficent videos located? besides the mysterious tower)
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    Kingdom Hearts II OST Converted...

    I think the lot of you need to learn how to use torrents LOL
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    Atlantica Musica?

    If you ask me, them doing this is alot more true to the original movies. Don't know if anybody knew, but most classica disney movies, are musicals *shh*.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 OST Cover

    Original Soundtrack Cover
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    Is there more than 4 drive forms?

    Then why are you in the spoiler forum?
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    i have a big question????????????

    it comes out before the 21st, there for its still winter, so it must be your lucky year!
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    am i the only one getting the game when it comes out in the US?

    Im buying it asap, i just hope it's not become a final fantasy game, the ending kind of suggested it was going in that direction