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    1000 Heartless battle...

    i remember there being 2 behemoths in the movie trailer....they would have been fun to fight.
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    Falling Off the Tower

    u should have gotten the english version stupid theres yur info...
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    Need English Version of Ending Please!!

    go to http://youtube.com
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    its wierd thats all
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    in the first trailer ever shown fer kh2 it shows sora donald and goofy running into the 1000 heartless battle together but when u actually get to fight them u fight alone....
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    Beat the Game

    man all you guys suck.....u have waited for 4 long years fir kh2, and you beat it in less than 3 days...holy crap take your time and dont rush through it....ill bet you think ur so great because it didnt take u very long to beat the game....omfg!!!!
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    deep dive question

    the dude said this was probably asked a million times
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    Kh2 Video, In English!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Seen the New KH2 preview on Disney?

    i saw the prevew but that was a week ago, i havent seen it since....i dont know why.
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    Is Sora gonna be the bad guy?

    where did u read that roxas's keblades were made up of memories...i dont think thats right but i guess we will have to wait and find out.....now, of course sora isnt the bad guy you bumb f**k...are you on crack.
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    squaresoft square enix

    what is the dealio here, in kh it was squaresoft but in kh2 its square enix.....wtf???? did they like change there name
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    yea this thread is pointless and it sux like demyx, i mean caugh caugh ...
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    what then?

    after you beat kh2... play kh, kh:com, and kh2 in order
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    who would ever want to produce with ansem
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    * GOOD SPOILER * Sec Ending.. its new. For me

    you jack-0ff dont giv us crap like this to spile the game for everyone you spoiley spoileing spoiler...... jack-ass
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    I think so, kairi mite be ansems daughter or whatever... but we will just have to find out in 37 days
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    What Wil You Be Doing And Where

    i will be there waiting in line the day before it comes out the first one to get it before all of you shit heads
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    Deep Dive World ****Possible Spoilers***

    dude i think its in the game without the cheats...in one of the trailers it shows seens from deep dive but not as good of graphics(game graphics).... why are you lookin at cheats you cheaty cheating cheater???
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    I know why it took so long.

    i got my sources from common sence and internet sources
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    I know why it took so long.

    instead of making the stupid worthless game com. they could have put the whole organization thing in kh2 instead...