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    English Music

    Does anyone know where I can find the English download versions of Sanctuary ~after the battle~, Swim this Way, Part of Your World, Under the Sea, Ursula's Revenge, and A New Day is Dawning. I have the Japenese soundtrack, but I'd love to switch out the Jap tracks for the English. I thank you in...
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    KM boss fights

    I was wondering which boss fights you could in and then come back as Mickey in.
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    A line in Sanctuary?

    SorRY that one was the fake This is the real one Sanctuary In you and I there's a new land, Angels in flight. My sanctuary. My sanctuary Yeah. Where fears and lies melt away. Music inside. What's left of me. What's left of me now. I watch you fast asleep, all I fear means nothing. In you...
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    A line in Sanctuary?

    As I hear it, i get "I need two(?) emotions, I need more affection than you know, I need two(?) emotions. My heart is a battleground, so many ups and downs." Not sure about two though... PS. If it is played backward you hear it, but without "My heart is a battlegroud" That has to be played...
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    anybody found any special preorder offers?

    Why would you say that?
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    anybody found any special preorder offers?

    Again Usually games like these have special offers right? Has anybody found any special preorder offers?
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    The Official Confirmed PV trailer review (SPOILERS!!!)

    Did Xaldin say Sora was on a skateboard...Awesome...Password may be keyblade...lol
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    KH2 Rating

    Nightmare before christmas: Oogies Revenge was E10...Tron 2.0 for X-Box was rated T...
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    KH2 Rating

    Is there any info on what KH2 has been rated. For that matter, is the japenese rating system similar to ours? Example: If it's rated T there will it be rated T here?
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    KH2 Faitsumo Score (KHU thinks it is real)

    What do u mean overrated
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    KH2 Faitsumo Score (KHU thinks it is real)

    I read that as well...It wouldent suprise me if KH2 got a perfect score...It will be the best game ever after all
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    BHK's name

    Think about the jap kids...they play kh2 in twilight town...lo and behold, bhk's name is...Twilight...how unoriginal...
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    BHK's name

    i saw the list as well the other day, the next day i wanted to show it to someone and the track list was gone... just the page selling the soundtrack was there.
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    The Order so far...

    In Xaldin's pic, it's pretty cool that most all the Order's weapons bear some similarity to that main Symbol in the middle
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    Lilo and Stitch world?

    I hate to say it, but i agree. It would probably be impossible to find all 625...if the cousins took over the dalmations.
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    Question about Diz/Ansem

    Re: It's a DiZ post ( so guess who's here) I agree entirely.