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    Username Contest

    There's probably been something like this before, but oh well... I'm doing it now. To enter: -Username: (Yours or the person you're nominating) To vote: -Person you're voting for: (No you can't vote for yourself) Additional Rules: -Nominating someone counts as 1 vote for them. -You may...
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    Story time

    You wake up in the dark. What do you do next? Post suggestions.
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    Help/Support ► The Inner Workings of a Possible Madman.

    Wewt! I has a point! ^_^ *all logical thought lost*
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    Help/Support ► The Inner Workings of a Possible Madman.

    A psychiatrist can't put you in an institution, sh. You have to go there of your own free will unless you are an immediate threat to yourself or others. Besides, with you paying as much as you do to have them just sit there and listen to you and tell you what they think about it, they're...
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    Help/Support ► The Inner Workings of a Possible Madman.

    You know... not to be pessimistic or anything, but the voices never really go away... No psychologist can ever make them go away, and the ones that are worth their huge salaries don't try. They teach you to reject them and to block them out of your brain. As humans, we all have our little...
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    PSX Gameshark .ISO

    Anyone have a PS1 Gameshark ISO thing I could download? Or perhaps you know of somewhere I could find one? If you could share that'd be great.
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    Final Fantasy VIII Movie

    S-E is planning on making a movie based on FFVIII! Better yet, It's being cast with all Americans, in America and will be shown in America first! Some facts are a little hazy, but I do have a list of some of the cast members. Keanu Reaves as Squall Adam Sandler as Zell Lindsey Lohan as Selphie...
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Yeah, I need help dealing with a pompus prick who thinks he can tell me how I should deal with my life. He's never met me before, but he insists on me telling him what's going on in my life and what I should do about it... What do I do?
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    1000 Paper Cranes

    Sad news, folks... Randomizer just went to the hospitol coughing up blood. I'm not sure how good his chances are yet, but it doesnt look good at all. His only hope for survivol may be in the ancient oriental myth of the 1000 paper cranes. The myth states that if 1000 paper cranes are made for...
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    Fanfiction ► [:::Project -- Untitled:::]

    wewt! best one ive ever read. i lurve it. keep making them...........OR SUFFER...
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    dating service

    yea, so, this is a dating service thing where you post some info about yourself and read other people's posts and find someone you might be interested in and pm them... or email... or im... whatever. you can post made-up stuff about yourself, in fact i encourage it! just go crazy and if you...
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    i dont understand how in the name of god sora is gonna be able to cope with the magic-glowey-frisbee-things of doom. heres what i think will happen to sora as soon as he gets there. http://www.forumspile.com/owned/Owned-Tron.jpg
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    time flow

    the time stream has gotten totally messed up. the future, present, and past are all occuring at the same time. chaos is breaking loose. people are dying in the streets. something must be done... Rules: 1. basic rules apply (no spaming and such) 2. mild swearing allowed (anything allowed in the...
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    hey all. im new... so i need like a sig and stuff... and friends would be nice... yea... btw im friggin insane... like this one time at a party i went to the coat room and i took a dump all over the coats... make me mad and your coat could be next :D ... yea... sorry about that... i kinda...