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    Help/Support ► I hope you will read this! :D

    I'd really like people to use the link I will post and sign up using it. :3 I use it to make some small money so then I can do things, like pay for a ticket to an anime convention.... And it'd be REALLY REALLY helpful to me if people signed up and used it, because I am trying to get a PS4 for...
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    Best way to talk to your team-mates?

    I really would like to start talking to my team-mates, and I feel like I would not be liked because I only speak/read/type in English. Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach the subject? I was thinking of just being kind of blunt, but I felt it would be best to ask you guys!
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    How to find your rank

    :x Lately, I keep wondering how I can find my rank, because I am debating on trying to find a new team.
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    Raid Boss Question~

    So, during the raid bosses, I look at the HP bar of the boss, and it gives a list of three things. I can tell that they are bonuses, but I don't know how to achieve them! I looked and couldn't figure it out! :X
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    AP Plus

    I keep seeing AP plus, but I can't seem to figure out how it works. I've gotten a couple of them during the limited missions, yet my AP remained the same.
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    Yen Sid and Fairy Godmother cards

    I keep trying to use them, but I've not been able to... Do you have to be a S rank to use them? T.T I wish they had a "search for friends" button.... Like, if I could add my friends, and then make friends with some of their friends, that'd be awesome.