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    Nobodys and there Somebodys

    you got his name wrong it is Alesuas or Aluseas soomerwhere along those line but is NOT Elaus but that is ok you probably forgot or you did not know or maybe you just forgot.
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    Time Paradox

    what if that we are all wrong and that niether Terra or MX is the other xehnort. or maybe Ansem the wise is there master even though are alot of fact that go against that it is worht a shot. there is probably alot of reasons but ya.
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    ok. all of you people out there sayin they are excited for kh3. let me say. there is not going to be one. im not saying that they will never make one. but there has no comformation that there will be so thosse who still think there is. sorry but no. and besides what would be about . if you...
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    The worst thing that could happen plot wise in BBS

    man people you always think of the worst. t
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    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    birth by sleep is the main reason i got a psp (besides the music, videos and internet). what makes it look way awsome. everything. and there is no way that this game will.