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    i'm not new but i need a freind because all my other freinds stoped coming on
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    drive levels

    like what?
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    Why the X within the name of every member of the organization?

    maby it has some thing to do with the roman 10 in XIII X=10 I=1 V=5
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    drive levels

    how do u level up a drive?
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    About Nobodies and Heartless

    no the heartless may be hearts themselves but they have no heart because a heart can not have a heart get it? and i'm not sure about the nobodies. whats n oxymoron?
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    Wisdom Form

    what movie is Timeless River from and when how far past beasts casle is it?
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    i'm in the Land of Dragons and fullmeatal blader try destroying every heartless and nobody in the room befor advancing to the next 1
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    I do not get the drive shortcuts

    ok but the 1st time i used the valor form my hp was full
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    Is something missing? (please read)

    about the 2nd part where dose he get oblivion and othkeeper? nd wens the heartless war
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    I do not get the drive shortcuts

    is ur drive meater at its max
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    Vivi doesn't talk, that sux!

    dose vivi look like a heartlss to any one else? and vivi dose talk u just missed it or something
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    Drive forms?

    yes u pick ur second keyblade but to do so u just simply equip ur sub wepon and use the drive but only some drive forms let u dual weild keyblades
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    i've been hearing rumors that if u try 2 turn into fthe final form theres a chance u'll turn into antisora and u gain no abilities or techpoints in that form is that true?
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i got it but can't play it cuz of bad grades
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    What Keyblade?

    i used kingdom but i was on level 100 so i suggest lionheart or oathkeeper