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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Discussion

    Since there's gonna be a KH3 (after seeing the special ending), let's share our thoughts of the upcomming sequel! Discuss what should be improved that could surpass the the originals. Disney-movies left to be featured: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Robin Hood The Rescuers Pete's...
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    final form?????

    The first time I got the Final Form is right near the end of the battle against Saïx, it just pop up right the middle of the fight. But nonetheless, Saïx stand no chance against that form, even in his berserk-form, and I totally finish him off. Talk about good timing if you ask me. XD
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    Blind Folded Riku vs Roxas

    Riku and Roxas did battle eachother and Riku won. Nothing special.
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    If I buy Jap version.....

    Baby, I got it chipped long time ago, so I got nothing to worry about! XD Now all I need is the game...
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    MASTER-SEPHIROTH, if you don't like Maluxia-bashing, then get the hell outha here! >: ( ...Oh, and nice pictures of Grim Reaper, btw. At least Grim's the REAL bad-ass here!
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    What if Riku died? Will you be...

    What will be your reaction if Riku died in KH2?
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    question about kh2 jap version.

    OK! That's it! I had enough! I can't wait any longer! I shall buy the game! Don't care if it's on japanese, I'll just imagine that I'am watching a kick-ass anime! I have a chipped PS2, so I get to play games from ALL region!!!<XD
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    question about kh2 jap version.

    Heh... I have a chipped PS2, so I get to play on ANY region!!! >XD Though I'am not sure if I should get it, the all japanese I can is Arigato (Thank you), Yorusai (Shut up) and Baka (Idiot).
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    It's like having Tidus, Wakka and Selphie after ya but only more fierce and numbered. XD
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    EM : Oh yeah, and Marluxia was caught.
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    13TH ORGANIZATION NEWS DiZ : Hello. DiZ here. During writing many reasons of "Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*", we got plenty of complains from Marluxia-fans for the bashing of Marluxia. I personally tell you this that Marluxia was not harmed by any way during the writing on...
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    a 14th Order member

    I think that Riku, Mickey and BHK have no numbers at all. After all, there are 13 members already before Riku, Mickey and BHK joined the Order.
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    Xaibal and DiZ? What is the connection

    His name is Xighar, not Xigbal.
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    The Organization or XIIth Order?

    At first, the Nobody-group was first known as the Organization in CoM. But now it seems the group name has somehow changed to the XIIth Order and that's that. Is XIIth Order the real name of the Organization or will the XIIth Order change to the Organization once game is translated? Do not...
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    Favorite about kh2 so far.

    I love almost every features in the game! The deeper Storyline, the new battle engine, the XIIth order, EVERYTHING! XD It ripping me apart waiting for it's damn release...!
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    My thoughts of the new trailers...

    Here's my thoughts about the newest trailers: STOP SPOILING THE KICK-ASS GAME!!!!!!! I mean, C'MON! It reveals way too much about the game! The more they show, the more the story would be figured out by the fans! Though I didn't mind at the start, but now this is getting scandalous! They're...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    That's not Zexion... That's Riku!
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    BHK Name Theory

    I'am thinking since BHK is an other side-vision of Sora, then maybe BHK shall have the backward name of Sora, Aros namely?
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    Tron confirmed

    But the question is: is Tron the last Disney World to be introduced in KH2?
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    Tron confirmed

    Hey, don't forget The Rescuers, The Black Cauldron, Lilo and Stitch, Atlantis and Treasure Planet!