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    My guess: KH2 will be hard...

    uhhh i got a link leading to the last boss fight and it looks pretty crazy hard, i mean sora fully heals then the last boss hits him twice and takes away half of his health bar, right after he freakkin healed!
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    anyone beat kh2 yet(not a big spioler)

    yes, the ending gives two massive hints that there will be another one
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    about Roxas

    5) Sora and Riku work together to beat him however roxas fuses with sora to become a complete being
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    The true meaning of "Kingdom Hearts"

    close but no cigar, nice theory though
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    Twilight Riku?

    no ferius he meant the wings on rikus keyblade in kh1 -_- this whole thread is based on rikus wings on his keyblade so why put an random image?
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    what is the world that never was

    so is the world that never was kingdom hearts? cause its got a heart shaped moon and shit and thats where the org. keeps the princesses and that. plus riku was sealed on the other side with mickey, and he appears in world that never was in deep dive
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    please help me

    there is a video here: http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/vids_4.html the second video... 1 ***2*** 3 4 i need help on finding the music it plays please help me lol grealty appreciated if you find me this song...
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    last world in kh2

    so what are his forms?
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    i never played the game so i dunno that roxas fuses with sora Oo i only saw what looked like sora killing roxas in a music video
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    last world in kh2

    thnx oO and xenmas is that dude with the silvery black robes and the two glowy red swords?
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    if your so worked up over the ending go to khinsider.com and download the ending movie it has sora kairi and riku in it so those three dont die, however im not positive but i think SPOILER HIGHLIGHT HERE [Sora kills Roxas in that platform in the abyss that your on with sora at the VERY begining...
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    favorite heartless or kh2 villian

    id have to say invincible heartless from kh1
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    last world in kh2

    so can anyone who played the game tell me what the last world is like and what happens and that? (i know myinnerfred has played kh2 already)
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    Storyline help

    Ok anyone who played kh CoM and beat it and knows the storyline can you post some of the important plots cause i dont feel like buying kh com and the game system it needs
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    foshizzle.......who the hell is xenohart? if your refering to xehanort plz get your spelling right, and thnx for spoiling the game people i wanted to talk about this subject and brainstorm not have some spoilers run in and spoil the entire storyline for me and others
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    ummm yea how bout you guys dont tell me what to do, and maybe i might have some more respect for you
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    how can you actually prove dizs motives arent to capture kingdom hearts..........? he wrote the ansem reports no? since hes the true ansem
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    xehanort and ansem are the same as for xenmas it translates to Ansem X so if hes dizs ally why wouldnt diz use him as a pawn to get at kingdom hearts then destroy the org. and have kingdom hearts to himself?
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    gtx you make no sense i say xenmas is the leader of the org. and then you say wrong. xenmas is the superior.....its the same.. -_- second if xehanort and ansem are the same and diz is true ansem then why wouldnt diz use them for three different plans to get at kingdom hearts? and like i said...