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    RF online

    I was wondering if anyone here actually plays/played RF (rising force) online im a cora :3
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    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    MARLUXIA! Marluxia all the way~
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    haha i wonder

    Malificent probably opened a gap and runed away from World that never was, and left pete to take care of the heartless who stole sora's airship ... probably not... I wonder too x_x
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    Donald and goffy didnt want to leave Sora in the first game, but they had to follow their king's orders and about sephiroth, dont you think it would be easier if they fight along ?
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    I NEED HELP! please :)

    oooh i had some troubles with xaldin, i used alot of Ethers, and Duck flare, Wich you luck
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    KH2´s disturbing ending?

    Riku was hurt, so yeah he needed help to walk, and dont hate theories about RikuxSora, they did nothing to you
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    Why they Have no KEYCHAINS BBS

    I have noticed that too, I wonder if its gonna have a important role on the story :o
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    what FF characters in BBS?

    I would love to see Firion and Lite warrior from the 1st final fantasies, and also would like to see a cute white mage
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    Majory cool. Its not a sword-thingy, its a giant scythe, and i still think his power is ddeath, wich would explain those numbers in sora's head, when he fights marluxia. About the "could'nt they have thought of a better boss?" no , i dont think so, Marluxia is just awesome!
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    haha i actually had more troubles with the 2nd part of the battle, luckily i had tons of heal cards and 0 cards xD (btw i like ur new avatar sky ^_^)
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    hmm i was thinking, If he power is flowers, then how can u explain those numbers in sora's head when he fights marluxia? its a countdown to death, nothing to do with flowers. i tottally agree with pinoy4evah theory tho
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    Mystery Character ..

    call me insane >_> but i still think that is Terra. and no one made me think its not yet. Besides there is another image where u can see Terra in destiny island too (at least looks like the same sky)
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    Ok , so if u go to youtube or something like youtube and search for marluxia, everione is gonna say his power is flowers, i think his power is death. so what is his power? Flowers or Death?
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    Larxene's book from CoM Manga

    *speachless* gawd! she always freaked me out DX
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    The "I beat KH2" thread

    1. have you got 100% on the jiminy journal? no ): 2.have you leveled op to 7 all the drive forms? YEAH 8D 3.have you beatened all the cups pain and panic cups to paradox? mhm u betcha! 4.Have you unlocked the secret model? no ): 5.have you beaten sephiroth without having a second try? no (isnt...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    Probably was : Act: Sora vs Axel (last battle) Axel:a few more Card would kill him Sora: one more Attack K.O Sora uses: FIRAGA!!! DX<
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    Terra, Ven, and....

    so all of we know that we are gonna play as Terra , and probably Ven , but we also know that theres 3 Scenarios wich means, 3 charactes. Who do u think the 3th char is? i give my vote to mickey.
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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    Re: The" i beated KH1" thread 1.Did you get the ultima weapon,save the king and save the queen?(all) 2.What's your max level? hmmm 87 i think 3.Did you retrieve all the 99 dalmatians? yeah! squall got all happy and stuff 4.Did you finish Phil cup to platinum/gold cup? YUP! 5.Did you beat kurt...
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    MArluxia help

    my deck was something like: 85% cure and 15% 0 cards xD OOOHH i loved FFX-2! its gonna be easy to beat the game tho >_> but good luck! USE BLACK WARRIOR DRESSPHERE!
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    Harder boss?

    Wich boss was the harder in ur opinion? (not counting on Sephiroth and Knight DX) My vote goes to Demyx DX he really gave me a pain ,in proud mode