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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I can buy it at the moogle shop. I'm at the same place u are as well.
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I'm currently playing Critical mode with the zero xp as Terra, Must say it's tough, but I'm liking the fact if u mess up once even on trash mobs you can pretty much die... Good fun, makes me learn from mistakes and so forth just got up to snow whites part finished. The first boss at sleeping...
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    Terra's quote in Birth by sleep psp

    What do you all think that means "Please, don't depend on me, erase me . . . friend" When he sees Sora and Riku on the beach. I'm guessing they are kids. If he is talking to them who would it be. Can't wait for the game ! and if thats the case that would mean Terra was like always there...
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    Real heartless.

    Since we are basically fighting fake heartless right considering with the reports saying they made fake ones. The emblems blah blah blah. do you think the next one might deal with actually fighting the pure heartless(real ones) such as the U.E.M's dark form or w/e the hell he did. If it even is...
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    ph33r da 1337 t@lk haha seriously someone beat him already we require more info!
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    It could just be confusion or anger or he sees the same thing as he saw in Xehanort in sora! OR IT's his father like u said! OMG the possibilities.
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    I wonder if he is referring to Riku when he said it isn't the one i have chosen.
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    Some one translate it was xaldin*figures* i believe He was saying Xaldin- ""Ven....Aqua....Keyblade...what are you? I can feel it... we've met before... it was when yo... No... it isn't you... it isn't the one I have chosen...Why is it not him....Xe..he..nort....is that.....you...
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    What are they fighting about?!

    I know we have have theories on who these people are. But what exactly might they be fighting about I wonder. Do you think that they use to befriends and had some very big difference on what they thought the keyblade should be. Which started a chain reaction war with all the keyblade wielders...
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    Death to Zexion

    I guess it's not cool to like zexion because 51961 other people like him so you become biased against it. Like when somethings cool and u find it then when tons of people agree u go SCREW THAT it's lame not cool. Or u just might hate Zexion but i for one would laugh if he lives and shows all u...
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    Try not to overhype this one?

    Ugh how much longer are we going to have to wait for this one now because i really dont care if I have to import i'll be able to understand most since it's english acting right?! hmmm. Idk and yes i hope we don't over hype this game.
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    how to defeat sephy in kh2

    well on standard my i beat it at 60 i tried my friends one at 56 and beat him first crack i was very amazed to say my self but his brothe rhas no life i hate him he beat him on proud at 45or 50 i think HES JSUT PYSCHo he thought hades paradox cup was a joke. HE has no life but really once u...
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    Cloud and Seph

    oh they went to fight in the air DBZ style they are still going... just cant see it.
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    how to defeat sephy in kh2

    thats just it... you did aerial recovery dont do that REFRAIN FROM CIRCLE in that one press square counter attack will kill him! well its easier you can do the counter attack me maybe 3 times then press x for your regular finishing combo time it though you have to wait liek a second then press...
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    Sora question

    No i dont think so Nomura said Kh revolves around sora so idk about him not being in it
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    I would say i felt bad for xemnas Being hated for loving to kill and dominate world aint that bad is it?
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    Donald doesnt wear pants O.o
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    Zexion's Weapon

    Did you even read? What if he did that him self and messed everyone since he likes to do that? You cant say that nomura said he was dead. Nomura said fall into ruin for zexion and everyone else dead..... why change his maybe he might be gone but still here in a sense. Plenty plot twists cant be...
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    the fourth keywielder in the secret video

    But what if right when it secret ending ended... You seem him charge the three and he can jsut take a keyblade from the road aint that hard theirs plenty also he could just make it appear in his hand like most people.
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    Zexion's Weapon

    He is not dead.... to my belief and in 3 years or when ever the next KH comes out i will laugh at you all he will be at least in it. I think his weapon could be a dagger? why cause i can just see him doing it. Also he is a schemer maybe he faked his death went back to castle oblivion smashed his...