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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    One of the things I hate is how every item you can synth needs one of the unaturaly rare mythral items and you can only be able to make mythral at a very late part of the game plus the items needed are rarely droped(at least for me). Everything else about the moogle synth I like; the items being...
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    Pic of heartless Sora

    Awesome vid, thanks!
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    Pic of heartless Sora

    I was wondering if anyone has a pic of Sora in Heartless form? If you don't know what I'm talking about here is how to do it from GameFAQ: "Heartless Sora To become Heartless Sora. You must gain the ability to use duel keyblades. Once you get that ability you will be able to form into Heartless...
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    Ultimate Gummi Ship

    My Greatest Gummi Ship I feel that I have made the best gummi ship in my life. I call it the 'Moogle'. OK, so it's not that origanal of a name but you must admit that it does suit the ship. It even has the little purple wings on the back and a blaster behing the nose. I heard that one guy mad...