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    what day are you on?

    like... 22?? i had to start again, because i originally played the jap version, but it kept freezing on me so i had to wait til the english one came out and i'm in a PAL territory DDD= arggghhh.... and i have so little time to play. BUT I WILL PREVAIL DDD=<
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    Larxene Great Character Horrible Person

    haha... i remember one time talking to demyx and he was like god, why does larxene have to be such a witch all the time?? had to read it twice to realised it was witch, not bitch. gotta love her attitude though XD s'great
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    WTF Axel's name?

    eeh haven't played up to there but knew ages ago anyway... i think it's actually alright... i mean at least it's not pronounced the feminine way ._. <3 axel whatever his real name was though =] although i would really love to see what his somebody looks like!
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    well, i've been a fan of akuroku since before i even played KH2 or Days (I started with CoM...D=) it's the only bl pairing i 'support', and well, i think there's a little basis for the pairing, right? with all those scenes, and lines... ehehehe i just think they suit each other very well =D...
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    Who else was sad when Axel...

    axel is one of my FAVOURITEST characters in KH, of all time and i agree that his character is VERY VERY well built i'm playing through Days right now, and wow! all his lines show so much character, and are so reflective of a personality aah he's so amazing! such a great character T~T
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    i say both, because they are each awesome in their own way true, sora is always so happy and roxas is like... devoid of emotion sometimes but i sort of like that contrast but i absolutely <3 them both to bits, anyway =D