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    Riku's arm

    um i think his bandage is a arm band and if u look close his thumb is in his pocket i dont no why he dose it but maybe cause he is just soo kool:D
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    pased memories keyblade

    are u talking about frinrar?? cause thats like the only one with a dragon on it
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    how do i get Aerial Spiral,glide,and high jump for just sora

    so if i level up my forms i can use those abilitys outside of my forms?
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    how do i get Aerial Spiral,glide,and high jump for just sora

    do not flame me but can i even get Aerial Spiral,glide,and high jump for just sora not his forms .cause i thought u could and i just didnt no how . can someone help me please
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    i think kh2 sucks

    well and i got a question when do i get the key blades from like beasts castle and those other places that i never got any and when do i see cloud lol and when dose the titan cup come out??
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    i think kh2 sucks

    soo.. lol I:mad: am mad at the game gerrrrrrrr
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    i think kh2 sucks

    i waited 4 years for this i have gone throught half the game already i bought it last night and already in halloween town its like gerrrr and it dont even have a specific reason for it i liked kh 1 better it had emotion and feeling to it not like this soras like yea my friends w/e in the last...
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    i no this dosent really deal with kingdom hearts but just askin dose any one have myspace here if so here is my link but its on private www.myspace.com/coreyscool if any one has a myspace post some links
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    hahaha thought of somethin funny

    when you rearange Xemnas it can come out to man sex lmao rotf lol:D
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    KH2 release date

    first off psm only says MARCH not the exact date i gett psm and i look for these things.
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    kingdom hearts 2 OST

    i got mine from torent there on my psp already i used Azureus it works easly on there
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    dosent kh2 soundtrack....

    dose the kh2 soundtrack come out tomarrow? the 24th
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    and if u read the mag it even says it was so bam
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    ok if your so smart what the realese dat huh where is your proof my point u dont have any witch if u would look at the scans itl tell u that it was already said that it would be relesed in march and here is more proof http://ps2.gamespy.com/playstation-2/kingdom-hearts-ii/
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    and next month is marchs issue and it most likely will get the cover cause in this magizine they said they havent had much hands on with this gameand its one of the most intisipated games and every one thats mailed them about it is mostly about kh2 and they say in next issue one of the most...
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    >_> so its been on march for the last 4 issues
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    if u read it closely it is published by squre enix
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    here are the scans from psm febuary issue of the realese date http://www.geocities.com/dark_starboy/releasedate.JPG http://www.geocities.com/dark_starboy/article.JPG
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    Kh2 Realese Date Confirmed

    i am uploading it now i will make a new thread and it was published by sqaure enix
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    Kh2 Realese Date Confirmed

    oh it dosnt say and i have no clue