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    Where can i buy COM

    Oops, I totally forgot about it being illegal. Maybe I should delete the 256 roms I have had for about 7 months, before someone knocks down my door and arrests me!
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    I'm taking Max's Challenge

    Beginning deck? You can build decks? I already beat it, but I knew nothing about building decks.
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    Where can i buy COM

    That's the point, it's likely you won't find it. Just download a rom, it's free, and it is easy to find.
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    Where can i buy COM

    What he said. Just get a rom, it's much easier.
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    KH2 OST

    You can't convert with VLC.
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    Has anyone ever noticed this?

    I don't know if anyone has noticed this, or if this is meaningless, but if you take the name 'Roxas' and separate the letters, you get 'Sora X'. Thoughts? I know it's not some hidden deep story secret or anything, but I am just wondering if this has been discussed, if this has any importance...