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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    All the characters in the game were ok to me except, Pence. For some reason I just can't stand him, how me moved his head when he talked really irratated me, and all of his lines. Agh Pence = No, Thanks.
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    Winnie the Freakin' Pooh

    Well, myself didn't enjoy the world so much, but didn't mind it. It was differnet from all the other worlds Kind of. If they have more minigames, hopefully they are harder and longer and more fun. The only minigame I enjoyed was the tiger crop one.
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    March for sure....

    If there is one glitch in this game, Im going to scream, because they have had plenty of times to fix them hehe >>;
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    how long kh2 vill be

    Yea, Its supose to be twice as long as kingdom hearts 1 full story mode was.
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    Yup More Scans

    Lightsaber Keyblade :O lol i don't like how goofy is a turtle ; ;
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    What do you guys think of this?

    I think we pretty much get the same thing as last time. And theres nothing to form with on land. atleast im not sure.
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    What do you guys think of this?

    Hmm, yea i just think he has a darker coat because of his clothes. I have no other thought on why he would be dark. Or maybe just cause he was a human and turned into a Pub.
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    What world u wanna live in

    Twilite town is best for my cause it looks like a big city^^.
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    Lionking Keyblade

    We had better get more key blades then just what we have seen. or we should atleast be able to upgrade our kingom keys power or something lol.
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    KH:COM Manga revealed and release date.

    Well apparently other people posting in this thread had no clue about it.
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    KH:COM Manga revealed and release date.

    o.o I want to read.
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    Lion King love?

    lol, never liked the Lion King the movie much. But it should be okay to play for a little while.^^
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    return of oldies !

    As for Oggie, No clue. But for the others in ther series they always came back the seacond episode. and not enough proof of them actully dieing.
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    Do you think that BHK is...

    Lolz can't wait till the game comes out to prove people wrong or right low chance but chance is always there
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    New keybkades.............?

    Maybe they want to surprise us ^^ and there has to be new keyblades would just suck if they didn't :(
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    I have a question to ask all you

    Im Gunna probly do each world without the guide then when i think im almost done ill look to see if there is any items i can get, what i usally do ^^ Cause i suck at finding items lol
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    One new pic..

    good to see we get both wisdom form and valor form early in the game
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    Destiny Islands

    Hmm, If it does come back I hope we get to explore more of the island. That be kinda neat.
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    worlds & characters u don"t won't

    anything that invoulves swimming lol
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    Somethings in the Steamboat Willie world that bother me

    Meh if that is pete it could that he turns good to evil or evil to good..i don't know or like said could just go back in time @.@ Edit: Or he ccould just be evil and just traped them there on his boat cause of his evil looks :rolleyes: