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    About Days.

    Anyone found out what the fourth section of the Organization Moogle is? Whatever I do, it doesn't seem to make a difference. And what is with all those Organization symbols you collect in each stage? Are they useful somewhere?
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    (SPOILERS) Roxas

    Well, my guess is that in Kingdom Hearts, Memories mean a lot. Enough to make a replica have feelings. Roxas had feelings before he absorbed Xion. You can see that in Roxas' Journal.
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    (SPOILERS) Xion has something to do with...

    Seems like you've all forgot about something. There was something that I REALLY wanted to see in Days and never made an appearance. I hope there is some sidequest or something you get after finishing 100% the game, including the mission mode. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Exploring...
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    So... Has Dual Wielding Been Confirmed Yet?

    Yes, you can only do that after you complete the game once and get the Zero Gear from the Moogle for 30,000 Heart Points. Then you link it with 3 ability blocks (the ones with the Circle for an icon) and you get to be DW Roxas in the Mission Mode. If you try this in the Story Mode, the keyblade...
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    (spoilers) What do you think of 358/2?

    I've been waiting for this title for a long time and I finished it in 2 days (358/2 Days, talk about irony). Okay, so, here are my thoughts about 358/2 Days. Gameplay: 2 words. Freaking Awesome. Exactly what I would expect from a Kingdom Hearts game in the DS. You want Action? You got...