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    Liebe ist fur Alle da

    What do you guys think of Rammsteins latest album?
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    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Re: Is Org XIII really that BAD? It would depend... the idea sounds good but the actual intent is questionable
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    World Art

    looks like it would fit, but im not too sure
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    Best Place to Level Up??

    Wonderland in my opinion, maybe Agrabah depending on the lvl
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    anything that Roxas did seemed dumb! lol also when the bombs where thrown at him
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    Demyx Special Mission 62

    I think it was Gold that Demyx gives you. All that work for Gold!? *slaps Demyx*
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    after a month long hiatus and a withdraw from a devastating relationship... the one the impossible name to type has returned :D
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    Demyx Special Mission 62

    HAHA Mission Acomplish! Finally!
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    Demyx Special Mission 62

    WHAT?! I have searched that area constantly... >.<
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    Demyx Special Mission 62

    Seriously!? $*%* is that all that there is left?
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    Demyx Special Mission 62

    Zero isnt in the mission. Im talking about the mission where you have to hunt that ghost then at the end you have to fight the Tentaclaw
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    Demyx Special Mission 62

    Im trying to pick Demyx's slack by killing all of the "hidden" heartless on Mission 62. I found two hidden heartless in Halloween Town itself by the Pumpkin on the wall and the street lamp I found another hidden heartless on the spiral mountrain outside Halloween Town. Where can i find...
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    Dont ruin your life... Abort....
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    I dont care what you say... you idiot...
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    1000 Heartless battle.

    WAY TOO EASY!!! I was very disapointed...
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    Sega Dreamcast

    Unite! Are there any people who still have there's or remember it?
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    CoM and ReCoM

    It seemed like a good idea but after hearing the VA, the delays for the American release... i just slowly began to avoid it
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    KH RE: COM UK?

    What a shame for people in Europe and Australia :(
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    Axis & Allies, Board Game

    Anyone here play that? I used to with some high school people. Greatest time thinking you rule the world as Japan but only realize it just a piece of plastic XD
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    Ж€§ᾏ₦ has turned 20 years old today... it is amazing i have survived this long! :)