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  1. BreezyWind

    BBS concern; kid Sora scene?

    Yeah, what everyone else said
  2. BreezyWind

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Overrated?

    I loved the story line and how much the characters matured. It was pretty easy, but I will never forget it. Sure, KH1 was harder and more original but still... If Kingdom Hearts just ended with the first one, I know I'd be devastated. The cut scenes were amazing, and the ending always makes me...
  3. BreezyWind

    Favorite song of all time??

    Mine is "Never Find Again" by Jason Reeves. It annoys me cause you can't find it on youtube D: i found it on myspace haha :P Its a really pretty song! http://ilike.myspacecdn.com/play#Jason+Reeves:Never+Find+Again:32113836:s35741717.9904493.2688483.0.2.51%2Cstd_2d53cc92155c4e30847008bd09f3b88b...
  4. BreezyWind

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    KH1 will always be my favorite. But this one is really close to being my new favorite :)
  5. BreezyWind

    Has your hair had any random hair color changes?

    Hahahah random question. Mine went from dark brown to a carmelish color naturally. :P it was weiiiird! have you had any random hair color switches?
  6. BreezyWind

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Overrated?

    Any KH game deserves good reviews. End of story.
  7. BreezyWind

    hellooooooo :)

    Hi! I'm Briana. I'm super friendly and kinda dorky but you'll learn to love it...maybe. I've loved Kingdom Hearts since I was a little girl when my brother used to play it all time and I watched :) Add me and we'll be wonderful friends!
  8. BreezyWind

    How do you....?

    So when you post something, under your name it says something. Mine says "nobody" how do you change that? cause some peoples say things completely random :P I'm new here haha :p