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  1. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    What I was referring to, Delsan, is an actual glitch where the game confuses your characters. For example, you are playing as Riku, but it is registering you as playing as "Sora." So for things like Special Portals, which differ between characters, while you are Riku, it will show portals that...
  2. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Well, I finally got a 3DS just a few days ago, and I have been playing KH3D ever since. I just beat the game last night. Since then, I've been trying to complete all of the Special Portals in order to get the dream materials to make some of the Rare Dream Eaters. However, I've hardly been...
  3. Αzerin

    Mark of Mastery Edition: Scanned

    I see... At least that gives a reason. However, even if the two were released together, it's still a bit funky since Re:CoM is its own individual game and its own installment to the series. |: Thank you for the reply. ^^
  4. Αzerin

    North American KH 3D Commercials

    I'm really glad that the commercials are still playing! I'd like to actually see them. Every time they have come on, I've either just walked out of the room, or I'm in the kitchen (where I can't see the TV that's in the living room.) I'll hear and recognize something that's Kingdom Hearts when...
  5. Αzerin

    Mark of Mastery Edition: Scanned

    So, I bought the Mark of Mastery collector's edtion and I do have all 12 art cards. But I have a question regarding them, and I figured that this is a pretty appropriate place to ask. The art cards are supposed to reflect the history of the Kingdom Hearts series... The set gave a card for...
  6. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    I'm so excited! Avalon and I received our Mark of Mastery collector's editions earlier this afternoon. Much to my very pleasant surprise, nothing was wrong with either of our copies! I did a more thorough sweep of my copy than he did (I'm the perfectionist and so more picky one), but in both of...
  7. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Yeah, I know, and it's a good thing that it's not a really big issue. I'm also glad that the pictures are at least positioned where they should be and are complete. At first, I thought it was one of those misprints where only half of a picture is showing or it repeats or something. Anyway, I...
  8. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Here's another reported error, if no one has seen it: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-series/169219-kingdom-hearts-3d-production-error.html. It involves a misprinting of the front half of the collector's edition box and the box lacking the magnetic close. I don't think that it was...
  9. Αzerin

    AR card help...

    Really? Dang... From what was said before, I thought that the AR cards in the Mark of Mastery edition were Frootz Cat, Kab Kannon, Meowjesty (just Meowjesty, not Meowjesty being a possibility due to the random DE AR card), the 360-degree viewing stand, and one other AR card that I didn't know. I...
  10. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Oh, dear... It seems my joy at seeing that my Amazon order was shipped is now hindered... I am really looking forward to this and have had enough to worry about as is, so I really hope there is nothing wrong with the copies I ordered. I have two copies to worry about, at that--more chances for...
  11. Αzerin

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Releases Today in NA!

    Since my order with GameStop fell through, I had to re-order two Mark of Mastery editions from Amazon. I'm hoping that there are two copies for me. After what happened with GameStop, I'm very paranoid. I won't be calm or content until my order is here. I constantly keep checking my e-mail and...
  12. Αzerin

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Oh. my. gosh. I am so happy that Amazon ended up getting more copies of the Mark of Mastery edition. I had originally ordered two copies online from GameStop (one for me and one for my fiancé) back at the end of June. I had gotten a confirmation e-mail and everything, so I was just waiting...
  13. Αzerin


    What are some causes of anger? And the effects/results? What do you do to calm, or what should be done to cool off? How should a temper be controlled/handled?
  14. Αzerin

    Happy Birthday Kaizer!

    Hey baby~ I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, as that time of year has rolled around again. I love you and I really hope you get to enjoy it. Hopefully we get to spend a nice day together, too^^ <3 Kain.
  15. Αzerin


    My doctor prescribed it to me for the second time recently; this time for anxiety/stress I'd been going through from a lot of family problems plus other issues. I finally took one near 12 a.m. before I went to bed because of how bad I've been getting. Well, it woke me up sometime after 4. I was...
  16. Αzerin

    Level up bonus

    I always tend to choose a bit of HP at the very start (since there's not much you can do to improve your deck right away, anyway) and then after I'm doing fine with health in battle and there is a broader choice of cards for your deck, I go for mostly CP, increasing HP only now and then as I run...
  17. Αzerin

    Most powerfull deck

    I don't have a super awesome deck. I don't use sleights (I opted for CP & HP over sleights that I was too lazy to remember) And just loaded up with 9's or some super high number and a few 0's for boss battles. Outside of boss battles, I've just been running from world to world getting enemy...
  18. Αzerin

    Enemy Card Retrieval

    O_o this thread makes me wonder if I've gotten everything. It's been so long that I'm not sure; I'll check later. Hm... I'm not sure if I had gotten all cards or had needed just one enemy card still.-. *shrugs* As well, I'm glad warp isn't completely required to get the card. I'd be screwed...
  19. Αzerin

    KH: CoM Game won't save...(GBA)

    I'm glad I haven't had this; I often go extended periods without saving my games when I play. Often my goal is collecting cards, and I would hate to lose what I'd finally gained. I've never experienced any issues with saving or any glitches, and it's probably just some problem or another with...
  20. Αzerin

    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    I don't recall all of the fights, but I know I did enjoy fighting Axel, Xaldin (b/c he was difficult>.<), and the 1000 heartless battle (w/o reaction commands.) I will say though that I was disappointed by how the 1000 heartless battle was set up, esp. in comparison with cutscenes/vids that...