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  1. Sugar Rush

    Visionaires: Knights of the Magical Light RP!! :D :D :D

    The sky started to gain light as the sun rose into the sky, marking the end of the night. Thunder rumbled as the night's storm traveled toward the east, while spitting out the occasinal amount of rain. Chris took his time stretching, gazing at their destination. As he stretched with his...
  2. Sugar Rush

    Visonairies: Knights of the Magical Light SignUps/OOC!!! ^^

    The world of Prysmos. It used to be a modern world, full of modern wonders. And the most advanced technogoly and machines of its kind were a common sight amongst the people. Then something happened to the world to change all that. The three suns that the world had orbited most strangely...
  3. Sugar Rush

    i'm leaving khi for at least nine weeks... XD if anybody cares to know... XD

    XD for all those that know me and for those that have seen my little antics running round the place... XD i'm leaving on the 20th of jan and i'm joining up with the us military... XD so yeah... >.> for all those i'm currently in rps with, i'll be sure to name the people i want to control my...
  4. Sugar Rush

    Comics ► a matter of sasitifying my curiousty.. xD

    ok, i don't really know where else to put this darn poll thingy i've been having stuck in my head for the past few weeks.. xD but oh well. i'm sure somebody somewhere would/will move this to the proper spot.. xD As for what this thread is for, and idk if someone has already beaten me to the...
  5. Sugar Rush


    Welcome one and all!! :P this here thread, unless it has already been made... XD is for anybody and everybody that wants to be idiots! :P So contact me for join-age if you wish to become idiots! or to just have fun too works... XDXD so don't shy! :D step on up and let's be idiots! XD...
  6. Sugar Rush

    For those who care! XD I"M A PREMY NOW!! XD

    Triplehearts here! XD it seems like i've been around forever and i've finally made premy!! XD i don't know what i'll do with myself once i see the red name and i feel like i'll suffer a heart attack.. XDXD
  7. Sugar Rush

    Take two for Boxes of Chaos OOC/Sign ups. XD

    Earth. 2999. Hopes for a world wide union is almost complete. Two major powers sit posed on the brink of accepting each others treaty. The Western hemisphere, which comprises of both former North and South America, is called The United Westerns. (real original, i know... XD) The Eastern...
  8. Sugar Rush

    How many hours have you got?

    how can u be so cruel and heartless!!? you sad strange person...
  9. Sugar Rush

    How many hours have you got?

    its a 120 hours for five days straight... so yeah... 120+120+120=360... woah... ** did i really lose 360 hours of sleep during those times in my life? holy cow.. *hears a mooo and a cow lands on him*
  10. Sugar Rush

    How many hours have you got?

    well, i know i will never come close to 240+ hours but i did play all three games when they all first released for five straight days... lol... i so remember how glued to the tubes and the gbc sp screen when they came.... rotfl... i still don't know how i got by with zero hours of sleep during...
  11. Sugar Rush

    The Twelve Crystals.

    Hello to all. this is something that I've been cooking up since middle school and throughout high school. I'm currently stalled, but maybe actually posting pieces and parts will get the juices going again... who knows? Now, since i can't really remember when i started this, i won't greatly...
  12. Sugar Rush

    The Boxes of Chaos [OCC/sign ups]

    Hello to whoever looks at this. This would my first ever RP that I've made here. Yes, sad isn't it? ANNNYYWAYY... *ahem* The title may sound weird, hilarious, or down right stupid. I DON'T CARE. don't like it, go elsewhere. So let's start shall we? Earth. 2999. Hopes for a world wide...
  13. Sugar Rush

    A what if question

    Hey all, this here thread will be my first thread that i have started. heh. I'm more of a watcher than a talker.... Anyway. I have a alternate history question about kingdom hearts... I just put it in this area cause it's kind of crazy. :toungesmile: We all know how KH1 starts out right...
  14. Sugar Rush

    kairis grandmother

    *ahem* sorry to butt in like this but, i might be able to solve a few questions. MIGHT!! all of you could just shoot me down in flames if i'm wrong.... anyway. let's begin, shall we? The story that the grandmother says MAY BE TRUE!! Let me explain. Her story and the first few pages from...