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    Ashford Academy [Sign up & OOC]

    Welcome, to Ashford Academy for young achievers, we have created a school for those who are willing to learn and master magic and key-blade wielding. We are a boarding school facility for teenagers both females and male between the ages of 15-19. The school grounds is located in the deep...
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    Who like Charmed?

    Haii. I dunno if this is the right place to write this but, anyways. I was wondering if someone interested in Charmed, could helps me make a RP for it. As im new and all. Lets me know? :3
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    Im'a back :3

    Hello. Some of you may know me. Wellz im back :3 And i actually plan on staying and doing stuff :3 Things have changed not that I full understood them anyways. So. Talk to me. I like long walks on the beach and apple pie. Just kidding. But do talk. Pleeeaasse n________n xx
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    Help/Support ► Life

    Well well, Time to vent Well iv had enough of this dumb life, my dad died my bestfriend thought it would be fun to fuck off, and go get her self pregnant apparently And even though i haven't spoken to her in months i still care about her and im sick of her being so immature and making up reason...
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    Im back!

    Hey' Im back, Im hoping this time i can actually, stay. :):35:
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    A start to a vampire novel (no editing yet) Pm and tell me what you think

    Preface “Nooo Daniel you’re not leaving me here” I yelled with agony as he walks out the door. As the blood purred out of my side, his eyes turned a crimson red. ‘You don’t understand I can kill you if I get one single drop of your blood’ he hissed running for the door. ‘I will die if...
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    HI :) Im new, But im mates.....

    with sarah so if you know her Yeah