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    New NA/EU Boss

    I personally think it has something to do with Eraqus. The fight takes place in the LoD. And we all know that
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    Yen Sid is the third master...

    UGH! Yen Sid has the title "Master" but he is not a Keyblade Master. Aqua is the third Keyblade Master.
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    Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (**SPOILERS**)

    Re: Reconnect Kingdom Hearts (**SPOILERS**) I'm still confused as to how it would be possible to save real people by saving their counterparts inside a friggin notebook, but ok Nomura, I'll bite. Sora is turning into Jesus/Neo/Highlander/Naruto/Ichigo. SORA IS THE ONE!!! C'mon, who's up for a...
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    How Come No One Has Said Anything About This Screenshot?

    I just don't see why Ven or Vanitas would be in Eraqus' study. Ven, I could understand, being the man's apprentice. But Vanitas? If Eraqus is anywhere near being as good a Keyblade Master as he should be, he'd know dark powers when he sees it. I also suspect MX would want Vanitas kept secret...
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    How Come No One Has Said Anything About This Screenshot?

    Neither was Sora's, however Roxas is Sora's Nobody. Plus, there's a telescope which means whoever owns the room enjoys stargazing.
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    Will we see it?

    Secret Ansem Report 1. Here, I'll even hand it to you. And in defense of my claim, I'd like to say that many people gloss over the mentioning of Maleficent's take over. A lot of people are unaware of anyone in the game ever stating when it exactly happened. The Ansem Reports and Secret Ansem...
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    Will we see it?

    There are many contradictions in the timeline of the past that Nomura has set up for us. We've known a few things about the timing of events in the past. In order of revelation, they are - Maleficent and the Heartless took over Radiant Garden and turned it into Hollow Bastion 9 years before KH1...
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    How Come No One Has Said Anything About This Screenshot?

    While it isn't Roxas' room, it's most likely one of the two characters' rooms for a few reasons. 1 - Ven is connected to Roxas 2 - Vanitas is connected to Ven, in some way 3 - While that room may not be Roxas' room, it most definitely has similar themes, including the color scheme, and similar...
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    Typical Rankings

    Dawning Twilight, while I have a lot of respect for you from what I have seen of your posts in the forum (I do admire a man as full of himself as I am), I think he may simply not know how to create a signature on these forums. The pictures and the following comment in his posts seem to be the...
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    Um, there's something that really bugs.

    The Unversed are the predecessors to the Heartless and Nobodies, so I'm imagining some kind of evolution occurs like with pokemon =P Also, the joke was worth a good laugh.
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    Castle Oblivion is Master Xehanort's Crib.

    Wait, when does the army of Namines come in?
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    "Meteor Shower"

    I think I like it better simply for the images it raises in relation to the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series.
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    A Few BBS Theories

    Eh... I personally like Terra being Xehanort after combining with MX. That way, after both Ansem SOD and Xemnas are destroyed, Terra's body and heart are able to reunite as the Lingering Sentiment while the pieces of MX re-combine to form our next final boss. I actually agree with this. After...
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    did anyone else notice this?

    We are in agreement. The FF cameos would no longer be cameos if an actual Final Fantasy themed world were to be in Kingdom Hearts.
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    did anyone else notice this?

    That same design also happens to bear a striking resemblance to Isengard in Lord of the Rings. The pizza-shaped city with a castle in the middle is a common design. Don't look too much into it.
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    I don't think Braig is a "bad guy" in BBS

    That sounds a lot more likely than MX getting taken down by a normal human being, haha. Even if he has a strong enough heart to retain his human form as a Nobody, he couldn't beat a Keyblade Master. Maybe an Apprentice, but not a Master. By the way, I like your Roger Smith theme. The Big O is...
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    I don't think Braig is a "bad guy" in BBS

    Well, nothing says BBS ends with the battle at the crossroads. I'd hate that. If Nomura were smart, there'd be something to show Xehanort becoming Xemnas and the other apprentices following him. However, my mind did slip and forgot that Mickey doesn't come to Radiant Garden until after Xehanort...
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    Possible "fourth scenario"?

    Eh, I'd be a lot happier with a surprise 4th scenario where you play as Vanitas or something. =\ Not saying it'll happen, but I'd prefer that to just one extra battle.
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    I don't think Braig is a "bad guy" in BBS

    Braig is apparently the watchman of Radiant Gasrden, most likely given the position by Ansem to keep watch and help protect the kingdom. Dilan and Aeleus guard the gates of the castle while Braig ventures out further from the castle, keeping an eye out for suspicious people and then relaying...
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    Vexen attempted to tell Sora about Roxas, but Axel killed him before he could. If Sora suddenly knew about Roxas, he'd start pursuing him to become whole and the Organization needed Roxas for their plans. Plus, you can't just introduce a guy like Roxas in a filler game, lol.