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    Kingdom Hearts II- Best Level Up Spot

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKm_1VrKThQ&feature=related Thats the best place that i lvl up in KH2 Hope you like it
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 - How To Level Up Master Form Easily

    Here is the easiest way to lvl the master form YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 - How To Level Up Master Form Easily Plz comment
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    Roxas knew Namine?

    She only heard of him not knew him
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    Ultima and Pooh

    No guys he mean he cant find da last page of pooh to get his orchiculiam + u will find it in da ruind chamber in agraba after you ride the magic carpet
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    The best keyblades you can put to drive forms

    Valor: put for him a keyblade that have a great strength EX : Oblivion & Fenrir & sleeping lion Wisdom: Put him a keyblade that have high magic EX: Bond of flme or Fatal crest Master: Put him a keybalde that handles both magic & strength greatly EX: Mysterious Abyss and wishing lamp Final...
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    Make your own KH2 idendety

    First u gotta pick an organization name for your self EX : i am mohanad = Xonad (zonad) now pick an element EX: dark pick a weapon EX:2 black laser blades have a special abiliy EX: Glide a weakness point EX: when i am tickled Now how to make it : Name : Xonad Element ...
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    Organization Elements

    Axel : Weapon: Two Charkams Element: Fire Demyx : Weapon: Sitar Element: Water Xaldin: Weapon: Five Lances Element: Wind Roxas: Weapon: Two Keyblades (Oathkeeper & Oblivion) Element: Light Xigbar: Weapon: Dual Snipers Element: Gravity Luxord: Weapon: Cards Element: Time...
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    What is your fav keyblade

    What is it:confused:
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    What is your fav keyblade

    1- Kingdom key 2- oathkeeper 3- oblivion 4- ultima 5- Fenrir